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IN laws rant

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stupidgurl posted 10/4/2013 22:42 PM

I hate mine! :D

They expect my H to jump when they say jump, and he does!

H considers their feelings over mine, he protects them from me, when they are the ones who treat ME like and outsider. Even the sil who was married into the family after me. All because I am not the same race as them.


I wish we could move far away from them. SIL is preggers and she needs my H???!!! what the F for?

She is an entitled B.

I had kids at the age of 18, and I needed no one but my H and he was not around, then when I was prego with 2nd son, he has an EA.

What about me??

When I was crying, all alone and pregnant because my husband was gone.

She has her H but she needs mine too??!!

H better start choosing me over those A-holes, the FIL who yelled at me for getting pregnant from his son so young, like I was going to get an abortion because I ruined his plans for his son. His son got me pregnant, it takes two to tango. H has last chance to choose me and our kids or else I am done.

Jrazz posted 10/4/2013 22:55 PM

BTDT. It's so hard - it was a HUGE point of contention with FWH and I. Through counseling and many books (pretty much ANYTHING by Dr. Susan Forward) we've learned how to distance ourselves.


joe blow posted 10/4/2013 23:07 PM

Hang in there, sg. I fully know how you feel. Why I could tell you some stories, but I don't want to steal your thread. But you are heard and supported here!

stupidgurl posted 10/4/2013 23:15 PM

Thanks J,

In-laws are such a touchy topic for me, I just needed to let it out.

I don't hate them hate them, I just hate the way they act towards me, I treat them well, and they treat me like garbage. It just gets to me, especially when H sides with them or is to scared to stand up to them. The one time he stood up to his mom, she walked out on him! Literally got up and walked away and said have a good life. He chooses that over me, and it just hurts.

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