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Male Dogs

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wifehad5 posted 10/6/2013 15:33 PM

I had our English Setter groomed on Friday. They shaved his hindquarters, so he looks nice.

He's now on the couch next to me licking his balls. He's getting into it too. The noises he's making are a little much though

BrokenRoad posted 10/6/2013 15:34 PM

Great. The embarassing secret
is out.

lynnm1947 posted 10/6/2013 15:42 PM

You're just jealous, WH5!

somanyyears posted 10/6/2013 16:11 PM

..uh..... ..maybe they shaved him just 'a little too close for comfort!' for the 'noises'.. i can only speculate!!!


BrokenRoad posted 10/6/2013 16:16 PM


wifehad5 posted 10/6/2013 17:09 PM


There's no good response to that

Jrazz posted 10/6/2013 17:15 PM

Mods, can we get a "TMI" in the title?

authenticnow posted 10/6/2013 18:22 PM

OMG, that cute little polka dotted guy would NOT do that!

Stop lying about my new friend!

jrc1963 posted 10/6/2013 19:04 PM

Our family schnauzer would do this... at night... when everyone was trying to sleep.

I used to get up and tap him with my foot... I was gonna say "kick" but that sounds too mean... and wasn't really what I did.

metamorphisis posted 10/6/2013 19:56 PM

Can't wait . It was only recently that I discovered why Charlie sits on my foot . He was quite "excited" when he stood up. We won't be doing that anymore.

GabyBaby posted 10/6/2013 20:01 PM

Our family schnauzer would do this... at night... when everyone was trying to sleep.
OMG this!
Only the dog in particular is a black lab. He usually sleeps in my son's room, but when DS is with his dad, all the dogs sleep in our room.
Slurp, slurp...yeah, he was workin' it out.
We had to put him outside the bedroom a couple of times because it was THAT loud.
I've discovered that my white noise machine (if cranked high enough) will drown out most of it.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 10/6/2013 20:49 PM

I know NOBODY is going to believe what I'm about to write, but my dog doesn't do that. Seriously, there's no licking. I think he's just old and lazy. He WILL lick his paw to clean the boogies out of his eyes, but nothing else.

TrulyReconciled posted 10/6/2013 22:01 PM

He's now on the couch next to me licking his balls.

Kind of makes you wonder when you see owners kiss their dogs on the lips, doesn't it??

Jrazz posted 10/6/2013 22:23 PM

Thor gets no more kisses from us after his new "yard-buffet" habit.

inhishands55 posted 10/6/2013 23:19 PM

If you have him neutered he wouldn't do be able to do that... Just an idea....Every animal in my house is fixed except my son...

wifehad5 posted 10/7/2013 05:43 AM

We adopted him when he was 14. He's 15 now, so I'm just going to live with it for now

TrulyReconciled posted 10/7/2013 07:51 AM

I don't even want to know what he does on hump-day ...

nowiknow23 posted 10/7/2013 08:48 AM

Cats rule. Just sayin.

TrulyReconciled posted 10/7/2013 10:22 AM


[This message edited by TrulyReconciled at 10:28 AM, October 7th (Monday)]

lingerdog posted 10/7/2013 20:40 PM

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