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From Above Game3

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MovingUpward posted 10/8/2013 07:43 AM

A even better job on Game2

Let's see who can identify the following places/buildings as seen from above.

To make this fun for all, please don't post the answers here but PM me with your answers and I will post a scorecard.

Clues have been released so now any correct answers are worth 1 point and will be added to your score from before Friday.

19 - Lola2kids
15 - dameia
15 - Woundedby2
14 - TrulyReconciled (without clue round)
11 - jrc1963

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MovingUpward posted 10/8/2013 07:43 AM

1. Clue: A legend of eternal love of an Emperor for his favourite Queen!!!

Answer: Taj Mahal, Agra, India

2. Clue: The largest château in the Loire Valley

Answer: Château de Chambord, Chambord, France

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MovingUpward posted 10/8/2013 07:43 AM

3. Clue: The start and finish line of the reality show The Amazing Race 9

Answer: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Golden, Colorado

4. Clue: Use the Shadow and don't confuse it with a song

Answer: Tower Bridge, London, England

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MovingUpward posted 10/8/2013 07:43 AM

5. Clue: Built by the hegemon Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who ruled Japan in the latter half of the 16th century

Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan

6. Clue: the building most frequently named as one of the most important works completed since 1980 in the 2010 World Architecture Survey among architecture experts

Answer: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Biscay, Spain

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MovingUpward posted 10/8/2013 07:44 AM

7. Clue: It's name translates to Fortress and it was once occupied by Napoleon.

Answer: Kremlin, Moscow, Russia
Red Square, Lenin's tomb, and St. Basil's Cathedral were accepted before the clue was given

8. Clue: Iconic symbol for the country it is in

Answer: Mt. Fuji, Japan

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MovingUpward posted 10/8/2013 07:44 AM

9. Clue: Principal public square of its city. There are other clues in the picture that should help you figure out which city

Answer: Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
Alternate Answer: Saint Mark's Basilica

10. Clue: It's not EPCOT. Built for a World's Fair, it is now a Museum about the Environment

Biosphere Environmental Museum, Montreal, Canada

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SurprisinglyOkay posted 10/8/2013 13:51 PM

These are really hard. I've got 2 so far.

imagoodwitch posted 10/8/2013 19:53 PM

I've got 1 maybe

Waiting4Daylite posted 10/8/2013 20:58 PM

I'm getting dizzy and feel like I'm going to

I'm not afraid of heights but when you scroll down real fast, well....

confused girl posted 10/8/2013 21:35 PM

I have the first one but that is all.

Lola2kids posted 10/9/2013 07:08 AM

I have 5 I think

Man, this one is really hard.

Good on ya Moo.

I'm going to take a few guesses.

MovingUpward posted 10/9/2013 07:16 AM

Please see new rules for this game in the 1st post.

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jrc1963 posted 10/9/2013 15:31 PM

I know for sure on three...

Man Moo... you sure like to challenge us.

gahurts posted 10/9/2013 17:24 PM

I think I can get 3 maybe 4

MovingUpward posted 10/9/2013 22:25 PM

Just wait for the week when it will be your houses!!!!! Buwahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!

dameia posted 10/9/2013 22:34 PM

I haven't been on SI in a few days, so I'm still playing catch-up on all the drama. Tomorrow I'm going to sit down and try to figure these out....they're tough. This is definitely my favorite game on SI!!

woundedby2 posted 10/10/2013 01:32 AM

Those are tough ones. I think I have 6 right though. Maybe.

MovingUpward posted 10/11/2013 10:12 AM

Thar be clues!!!

jrc1963 posted 10/12/2013 18:17 PM


little turtle posted 10/13/2013 14:13 PM

Even with the clues, I can identify only 1 place. and I knew that place before the clue!

I like looking at the pictures though.

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