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I will never understand abuse yet alone a child

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Faithful w/Love posted 10/11/2013 12:05 PM

Just read about Adrian Petersen's 2 yr old son. The babys mom's boyfriend beat him so bad he is in critial care with major injuries to the head. The poor baby will most likely die or never be the same again.
How could a grown man or woman beat a baby, child that can not defend themsleves against a them.
I see all the time like this where I work and it disgust me to the core.
Sorry I am just so pissed. I have a grandson around his age and it breaks my heart. I would be in prison if someone hurt my kids or grandbaby!!

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RyeBread posted 10/11/2013 12:12 PM

Can't wrap my mind around how someone could possibly think that is an option.

Disgusts me beyond words.

Faithful w/Love posted 10/11/2013 12:18 PM

All I keep thinking is the first blow and the child is crying in pain and they keep doing it until they stop and then they are like "oh shit" I better call 911, I may have killed them. What kind of people do this. Evil just Evil. I hope there is a special place in HELL for them!

gonnabe2016 posted 10/11/2013 12:26 PM

How a person can look at a child or a little baby and then put their hands on them in anger is just too much for me to wrap my head around.

Oddly enough, when these people go to prison don't they typically need to be segregated? See. Even the most hardened criminal knows that you just.don'

Faithful w/Love posted 10/11/2013 12:29 PM

Oddly enough, when these people go to prison don't they typically need to be segregated?

Yup, rapist and abusers of woman and children are kept safe. Why, because the general population of the prison would KILL them. However, it is known that sometimes the general population can get them.. Opps, Im sorry did you just get a beat down??? How did that feel? Or did you just get a dick up your ass? Oh you didnt like that you?

Yup even the most harden crimial knows you just don't do that type of evil shit to a child or woman.

lynnm1947 posted 10/11/2013 14:02 PM

Among the worst of this bunch are the sick-minded men who rape babies. OMG, I could hunt them down and give them very very close circumcisions. Or put them in a room with a couple of lusty jailbirds. I'm not a violent person, but any violence towards defenseless little children just sends me into Straw Dogs territory.

Faithful w/Love posted 10/11/2013 14:09 PM

Okay, it is reported that they may take the baby of life support tonight.
I guess the baby was Adrains other son and what I don't understand about the paper is why does that matter? It is a child a baby. Maybe now the NFL can support child abuse like they do breast cancer. It is a silent and never really talked to much about! Im still livid. I want to kick the shit out of that guy! Seriously. All I keep seeing is my grandbaby.

SisterMilkshake posted 10/11/2013 14:39 PM

We live in Minnesota. Adrian Petersen and his family are extra special to us. Not that it is worse, just that this person had to know that there was no way he was going to be able to keep this on the down low. What an evil stupid sack of meat.

LA44 posted 10/11/2013 14:47 PM

It is sickening. Truly, truly to think what some children are go through on a daily basis. Imagine the stories we don't hear about.

Faithful w/Love posted 10/11/2013 14:48 PM

Oh that is right you are from my state. Now live in IA but still love Vikings (always) and Adrian. He is my son's favorit player. And he seems to be such a nice young man.
I really pray for the baby. But, if he does live he may never be normal again. Such a awful awful thing. I just want to cry.
I was reading on the boyfriend. He has been in trouble before for DA on his childs mother. And of a girl in high school. I wish the babys mom would have done a back round check.
Its a shame you have to check people out now days and can not trust no one.

Faithful w/Love posted 10/11/2013 14:49 PM

I work at a inpatient and outpatient mental health clinic and the stories are just gut wrenching what children go thru. Just horrible!

woundedwidow posted 10/11/2013 17:08 PM

I think abuse of any kind: baby, child, woman, or animal is totally reprehensible as well as incomprehensible. WHY people commit these crimes is beyond my scope of understanding. But what I also DON'T understand is why Adrian Peterson is going to PLAY on Sunday - or at least he was still going to when his son was in critical.) Hopefully he will change his mind due to his son's death . I don't care if his son didn't live with him and was previously kept a secret or not - the child was still his SON. That fact alone should certainly preempt any football game. I don't care if football is what gets AP through tough times; his son deserves the respect of his father taking the time off to come to him, even if it's too late to help him. JMHO.

MissesJai posted 10/11/2013 17:10 PM

the baby died

damncutekitty posted 10/11/2013 19:18 PM

But what I also DON'T understand is why Adrian Peterson is going to PLAY on Sunday

Pro athletes do not get bereavement leave, unfortunately. I've seen games where the announcers have mentioned players having lost parents, siblings, wives, etc sometimes on the game day itself. It's very sad.

jrc1963 posted 10/11/2013 21:33 PM

courageous posted 10/11/2013 23:10 PM

Then you really don't want to watch the movie "the girl next door". It was based on Sylvia Marie Likens (January 3, 1949 – October 26, 1965) who was an American murder victim from Indiana. She was tortured to death by Gertrude Baniszewski (née Van Fossan), Gertrude's children, and other young people from their neighborhood. Her parents, who were carnival workers, had left Likens and her sister Jenny in the care of the Baniszewski family three months before her death in exchange for $20 a week. Baniszewski, two of her children, Paula and John, and two neighborhood youths, Coy Hubbard and Richard Hobbs, were charged and convicted of the crime. Her torture and murder were described by the prosecutor in Baniszewski's trial as "the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana".

As the months passed, Sylvia became the target of horrendous abuse at the hands of Baniszewski, who not only senselessly beat the young girl, but allowed her children to do so, as well as the neighborhood children who frequently visited the household. The final days of young Sylvia's life were spent locked in the basement of the home, where she was tied up, starved, beaten, burnt and tortured.

Shortly before Sylvia died, Baniszewski began to carve the words "I'm a prostitute and proud of it!" into Sylvia's stomach with a heated needle, although Richard Hobbs finished the carving when Baniszewski was unable to do so. Hobbs, with the help of 10-year old Shirley Baniszewski, also used a heated eye bolt to burn the number "3" into Sylvia's chest

Not only did the woman and her kids abuse them but when these 2 girls told what was happening to their teachers and church leaders they were told to stop lying.... No one believed them and no one helped them. It is so heartbreaking.

Whalers11 posted 10/12/2013 17:19 PM

Unpopular opinion here, but... I keep seeing this outpouring of love and support for Adrian Peterson on various social media sites, but the reality is he didn't even know this little boy. It is a horrible, awful, disgusting thing that happened... but they did not have a father/son relationship. And I don't believe he is beside himself with grief if he is going to play tomorrow. I understand that people greive in different ways and that football may be therapeutic for him...but we are talking about him returning to the team within HOURS of this happening. I just think the "poor Adrian Peterson" stuff is misdirected... I think his grief will come in time when he realizes he will now never have the opportunity to be a father to this boy...

I hope the scum that did this gets it back ten fold in jail...

JanaGreen posted 10/14/2013 07:55 AM

The photo sharing social media stuff in this case kind of bothers me. This kind of crap happens every day to children with non-famous parents. What happened to this little boy is tragic. Sharing pictures photoshopped with angel wings will not help him or any other abused child. Donating time or money to organizations that fight child abuse WILL.

MissesJai posted 10/14/2013 10:31 AM

I just think the "poor Adrian Peterson" stuff is misdirected.
After reading more on this story, I agree. AP is the boy's biological father, but was never involved in his life. Both the mother and AP questioned AP's paternity, so another man stepped up and took care of the boy like he was his own. His name is Bobby Ruffin. The baby's name was Tyrese Robert Ruffin.

Faithful w/Love posted 10/14/2013 12:40 PM

I am not judging AP for not being there, everyone deals differently.
What I do know is that the man that raised and gave the little guy his name thought he was his son until recently. And AP didn't even know about him, he did the blood test and it is his child. It is sad all the way around. I feel for the man who found out this was not his child and then lost the child he loved so much as his own. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the 3 adults. The only one who was horribly wrong was the monster that killed the baby.
The babys mom most likely didn't know he was an abuser. She is young and thought the baby would be okay as the monster has his own son and probally lied about how wonderful of a father and man he was. Her red flags never went up. I am not going to judge. No one deserves to loss a child ever.
I feel for the child most of all and being terrified and could protect himself. That angers me so bad. No child should be abused EVER!

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