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Very Strange...

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Ashland13 posted 10/11/2013 17:46 PM

Piece of mail for XPervert came today.

Working very hard to forget it's existence.

It's some kind of letter someone paid a whole lot of money to send and has a big fancy envelope and was not in the regular mail.

Where to put it so that I can forget about it but not lose it?

The relief I have is that it's only in his name.

Is marked "urgent" everywhere.

Any guesses?

sparklezombie posted 10/11/2013 18:02 PM

I know mail can sometimes fall between the counter and the fridge or under the hall table. Shame when that happens

Ashland13 posted 10/11/2013 18:05 PM

Haven't laughed a belly laugh in so long!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm thinking maybe some collections people are driving the karma bus this week.

But he blames it on here and everything other than what he's done with OW.

debbysbaby posted 10/11/2013 18:38 PM

I actually get thsee sometimes. Theyre in a cardboard envelope that looks somewhat like express mail and they are marked urgent all over but they are only junk mail promoting some promotion a car dealership is having.

peridot posted 10/11/2013 20:17 PM

When I go through mail I don't look at who it is addressed to. If it's coming to my address, it's my mail.

Just saying!

shiloe posted 10/11/2013 20:45 PM

Well Damm . . .it's urgent . . you better hurry up and read it BEFORE it get's lost behind the fridge

[This message edited by shiloe at 8:47 PM, October 11th (Friday)]

StillLivin posted 10/12/2013 10:31 AM

Steam, Tgen Glue, Then Drop Behind The Counter...Unless It's A Bill Collector. Then, Forward!
Just Saying.

newlysingle posted 10/12/2013 10:36 AM

I occasionally get mail for the Gnat too. So far, it hasn't been anything important, but I open it. I figure if it's something I need to tell him about, I'll say I just opened it accidentally. You know it did come to my house, so I just assumed it was mine!

Ashland13 posted 10/13/2013 15:41 PM

Is this karma?

Well, the piece of mail was opened this weekend.

I wonder if it's karma because it was an account that he got all mixed up, so it got closed on him.

Part of his control all these years was to not put any accounts in my name or shared, so now I am counting blessings because all these financial messes don't have to do with me while he goes down financially.

And Ow thinks she got herself a sugar daddy, but I would think the credit clean up and back bills will take quite a few years to be rid of.

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