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the truth I'm chopped liver.

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Dreamland posted 10/11/2013 23:47 PM

So we have been bickering since yesterday by text mainly. He had to work last night.. Tells me latest minute again a big trigger. Says we can go out to art opening but so busy. I was downtown a minute from his office. Ask if we want to go to dinner. I say I asked how much longer. He said an hour. Then maybe three more but needs to send file to LA. We are central time. So I say you don't have much time then. He's like yes and I already ate so then I guess I should work.
Well it infuriated me. When he was with Whore he sacrificed all projects to meet up. And we start arguing and he starts to walk away when I get into deep questions like why with her. Or you remember this why then blah blah. He's I can't remember but I saw in his face he could.
Then went to walk. I am sick and tired of his premadonna shit. Just tell me up front

newlysingle posted 10/11/2013 23:59 PM

I'm sorry, that would upset me too. I'm now divorced from my WH, but he was always very disrespectful of my time and put his job above me and my kids. Now that he has his whore, he's home early every night for her. It is very hurtful.

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