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Ashley Madison shows up as adl media

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sleepless34 posted 10/12/2013 19:17 PM

So, I was doing some of my own "forensic accounting" since we are in early stages of Divorce.

I just wanted to pass along the information that if you ever see ADL media as an expense on a credit card or pay pal account it is for Ashley Madison- stands for Advanced Dating Life.

What a scumy concept. A dating website for married people to cheat. That started it all for my X. It was all down hill from there. Once you cross that line, you have allowed all the darkness and evil and there is no stopping you from doing just about anything.

Gross. Thanks 'Ashley Madison' if you are a real person, I am sure you are discusting pig and I hope you rot in hell while taking it up the @SS from everyone's X cheating husbands and wifes.

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