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Wedding Anniversary

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FR2012 posted 10/12/2013 22:24 PM

Our 2 year wedding anniversary is coming up on October 25th. I can understand if my husband doesn't want to do anything again this year.

It is on a Friday and I booked that day off work. Our daughter will be in school for most of the day so I was thinking of going out for breakfast in the morning and then making a nice supper for him and maybe have it by candlelight after the kids go to bed.

I want to get him something but I am unsure right now as of what. I am one to give gifts, it makes me happy when he opens something and I get a smile. I am also going to get a card.

Any ideas of what I could make as a romantic supper? Any ideas of what I could get him as a gift? We don't have too much disposable money right now. So any frugal ideas would be fantastic.

Last year I just got him a card and I wrote out new vows to him. I also got him a photo album that I got engraved.

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LosferWords posted 10/13/2013 00:05 AM

I would personally recommend having a heart-to-heart conversation about what he would like to do with this day. He may want to acknowledge the day, he may not. He may want to celebrate it, he may not. I think talking to him about his feelings about this particular day would go a long way, though.

Best of luck to you. You've posted some really heart-felt questions and issues out here. I'm sure others will be along with some advice as well.

SandAway posted 10/13/2013 08:06 AM

Gotta agree with Losfer again, talk to you BH and ask him what he would like to do.

Since DDay, we no longer celebrate on the exact day; instead we do something the week before or after. We do acknowledge it but it is pretty low toned. We get away for a short golf trip. Something we didn't do before so it is still special.

Talk to your BH and ask him if he is OK with what you have planned - just don't surprise him, especially if this is the first anniversary since DDay.

FR2012 posted 10/13/2013 14:17 PM


I would personally recommend having a heart-to-heart conversation

I think I will do that. Ask him what he would like to do.

Last year on our anniversary, he wasn't too interested in celebrating it. I told him I wanted to do something for him though. He told me that was okay. So I did do a bit. On top of the card and photo album, we went out on a date that night. Our daughter was gone for the a while and we went to a movie. We argued a little bit that night. We ended up having an okay evening.


I would love to do a weekend getaway. I think it would help both of us. But with our son being so small, I really don't want to leave him alone with anyone for that length of time yet.

I think we will save up some money and go away, maybe with the kids. Maybe next summer.

He doesn't mind surprises. He doesn't get excited about anything though. I wish he did. Oh well, can't change that.

This is actually the second anniversary since D-Day. So I am hoping it will be a bit better than last year.

Thanks for the replies.

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