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She won't stop....

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FogHater posted 10/13/2013 12:15 PM

She sent me a message on FB while we were in counseling...
I thought I blocked her...
We r trying to reconcile so y am I letting her in my head.
I know she is trying to get to me cause she can't get get to him.
He walks away and is mad cause he won't talk to her.
She says she asked him to marry her
How desperate do u have to get to do that?
Then tells me I can have him back?
Wait..what? She didn't have him in the first place. He's got me snowed..lying t both of us.
Then says Good Luck...
Don't need that he loves me I love him so..
Not sure I want advice just had to get this off my chest...

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jjsr posted 10/13/2013 13:35 PM

You have been heard. If you haven't your husband needs to send her a NC letter or more legal notice to stop contact

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