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A good idea

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Pass posted 10/13/2013 17:15 PM

The Princess has asked me for some documents to move forward with our separation agreement. I didn't have them ready yet when she came to pick up the boys today. Are you ready for this?

"You're not holding on to the documents to drag your feet on the separation and divorce, are you?"

I know all my SI friends are going to tell me I should have given her crickets, but dude, I just couldn't.

"Hell no! It was my idea, and a fucking good one!"

I'm sure my mouth doesn't do anywhere near the damage that her claws have done to me before, but fuck, if she's going to say stupid shit, then I need to tell her that.

But I swear, NEXT time I'll try to get back to the crickets,

Kajem posted 10/13/2013 17:22 PM

I don't know if I could NOT say something. Oh well, good thing it's a new day and another chance to get back on the cricket wagon.

Pass posted 10/13/2013 17:27 PM

See now, the thing that I've obviously forgotten is what a great fucking door prize she is. Any man would obviously have second thoughts about leaving her!

SBB posted 10/13/2013 21:32 PM

I would support cackling, bent over, thigh-slapping laughter in this situation. But crickets is best with this one - she's like an ego kibble crack whore and Dr pass needs to make her go cold turkey.

Why the fuck does she keep talking to you? Piss off woman!

I'm so glad insisted all handovers be via school/daycare drop offs/pickups. I couldn't stand "Hi SBB!" on a regular basis let alone this fishing bullshit.

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