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threatening court and contempt!

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ideservebetter45 posted 10/14/2013 09:23 AM

So everytime ex a$$ gets pissed at me he threatens to take me to court for custody.Now I know that isnt going to hold up..he doesnt ask for more time with her when he isnt angry and doesnt even use the time he is given.SOOOO yesterday he brings his whore for the first time during the exchange..ugh...WAS SO HARD not to rip her face off!! A$$ says I made our dd tense because I rolled my eyes at the OW and upset her (dd).Anyway out divorce papers states we dont discuss adult issues or basically talk bad about ex or their significant other..he says he is filing contempt of court...i want to laugh...but will I be in trouble over this? Seriously...

Dreamboat posted 10/14/2013 09:31 AM

Because you rolled your eyes? No. Now if you had called her a whore and ripped her face off in front of DD, then he might have a case. I think he is using this threat of court to get you to do what he wants. FTG

devistatedmom posted 10/14/2013 09:33 AM

I hope you have been documenting everything. Every call, every text, every email, every time he has your child, every time she's around.

I'd call his bluff. He'll get laughed out of court. He's an ass. Just walk away, with confidence, and say do what you have to do. My bet is, he's all hot air.

ideservebetter45 posted 10/14/2013 11:03 AM

Thanks for the replies! He loves to bully people and his mouth has gotten him in trouble on numerous occassions...but yea he knows he can scare me with the court hear someone else say it even makes me laugh harder.Yea he is taking me to court because I rolled my eyes @devistatedmom..I document everything! When he calls,when he says he will and doesnt,how long he has her,when she comes home hungry ALL of it.I also document when I take her to the dentist,doctor buy her school supplies,school clothes and when she cries that she doesnt want to go with him and the OW.She asked me last night when is she going to be able to say "NO,im not going today". The whole damn situation that ass caused breaks my heart for my daughter.Yea FTG!!!!Thanks again...I need to find my testicles today!

sparkysable posted 10/15/2013 14:45 PM

My XWH threatened to take me to court all the time when he didn't get his way. Threatened that he was going to take DD away from me. The first time, it scared the shit out of me, I called my mother crying, I emailed my lawyer, I waited for the notice to appear that never came, he did it again, again no court. I realized then that it was just a bullying tactic.

Next time he came to pick up DD, I looked him right in his fucking face (and I NEVER talk to him, ever, even during handoff of DD) and said "You better cut this fucking shit out about how you're going to take her away from me. You hearing me?" well, he was shocked and just mumbled something about how I need to be reasonable, etc. etc. So far he hasn't threatened it again.

He's all talk. Don't give in and don't let him know he upset you. Keep waiting for the court notices that never come.

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