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Coma posted 10/14/2013 10:02 AM

I have been reading a few of the threads here in divorce and they have pained me greatly. I like many other do not want to join the membership in divorce but then it is not all my decision is it?

For so long i have compromised myself trying to save something that i love unsure if FWS wants the same. I just feel spent and resentful over this whole mess. One thread suggested that marriage is dependent on looks or monetary potential. This very thought is as disturbing as it is true in some cases. The thought of leabing due to looks or money issues is wrong and offensive to me because intent is thrown away so casually. Which leaves me to wonder greatly about the title of my thread.

Where di we go wrong? I don't mean just my personal relationship but marriage in general as a society. Marriage is influenced by social habits and social habits (IMO) have been declining steadily.

So what did i ever want out of marriage?

I wanted to sacrifice, for the benefit of us. I wanted to compromise, in times of indecision.
I wanted fidelity to and from the person i chose to pursue life with. I wanted to know i made a pleasing difference in her life. Instead i only get how i am dalloing short with no explantion as to where or how. At one time i offered divorce or separation with whatever benefit she saw fit. I did this because the last thing i want to be is a burden or an receiver of charity. This was also somehow my fault.

I can no longer work this through on my own. Without a clue as to what is wrong i have no where left to turn. The bext steps are hers and hers alone and she will get no fight from me in the form of for or against anything.

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