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The Stranger

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libertyrocks posted 10/14/2013 12:14 PM

Today is exactly 11 months since I found out about OW#1 out of 8OW. I know, it's a lot of women. I don't need anyone reminding me of that. Most of my anger has resided to a matter-of-fact state where I think, "it's not my fault he was broken." But, I can't help but to feel what a stranger he has become. He's doing everything right in so many ways I never thought imaginable. We love "us" but it feels so strange. That's the word, strange. Like we're just two people who have small kids together.

I just want him to take me out on a date. Like he dated all those OW. I get the feeling I annoy him and he doesn't like me all that much. Everything I say he gets upset and annoyed.

I feel like he's a stranger in my world and not my soul mate. Like he has all these walls and made lies out of our lives for 3 years.

...guess I'm feeling blue today...

SpiderGrl posted 10/14/2013 12:30 PM

Hugs for you, Liberty. If you are feeling neglected, tell him. Have an honest heart to heart about what he means to you and hopefully he will reciprocate. If he doesn't, just ask. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised. He may not realize what you want.

catlover50 posted 10/14/2013 12:32 PM


I think you should get a date to beat all dates. Have you suggested this?

I have thought that I really didn't know my H and in some ways I didn't; I didn't know what darkness he was hiding deep inside. But the thing is, he didn't either. I think in some ways I understood him better than he understood himself. He hid from himself more than anything.

So now the man I live with is this wonderful new version of the man I married. Better in every way. And I'm starting to believe it will last.

Hope your day gets better.

eachdayisvictory posted 10/14/2013 12:42 PM

I have felt this soooo many times. Looked at my H and thought, who the hell is he? I am truly disappointed at his weakness and selfishness, even with all the learning we have done about ourselves and the damage we caused each other before the A. I often fall on thinking, 'I was there too, I was hurting, and not once did I think that gave me the right to lie, give my time to someone else, or foster a love outside of my family. It's deeply saddening, but the feeling usually doesn't last anymore. I am grateful to feel fearless in my discussions with my H, and to tell him when I feel like I annoy him. He usually tells me that's not the case at all, and I have been able to let him know in a calm and reasonable way that if he's not annoyed with me, if he DOES like me while we do the mundane everyday stuff, I need his face and body language to tell me. Especially now when pain can pop up and punch me in the face when I least expect it.

You are not alone. I am not alone.

silentheart posted 10/14/2013 12:48 PM

Definitely schedule uninterrupted time where you can have a honest, all out on the table conversation with him. Be raw with your emotions and make sure he understands exactly how you feel and what you are thinking. Don't scream/yell/get angry...just be you and express yourself for exactly what you are feeling on the inside. You might be surprised with the outcome :)

emotionalgirl posted 10/14/2013 12:48 PM

Liberty...I know how you feel. For me there was one OW an EA but he made the effort for her. Made plans to see her and kept them. Why as spouses are we not worth the same respect? My WH is late for planned outings, late for meals, tells me he is going out just as I am putting supper on the table...and the list goes on. We deserve the ultimate respect and the dates, gifts etc. we deserve their effort!

I too feel like I live with a stranger who just doesn't like me most of the time and yet claims this huge love for me. WTF...personally I am done feeling blue, I am feeling strong today! I am taking me back and if he doesn't like it he knows where the door is!

Good luck and (((hugs))) to you!

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libertyrocks posted 10/14/2013 13:05 PM

Thanks everyone. For those 3 years, I became the alpha "FE"male and I had been supporting our family. Now, we argue all the time because he wants to call the shots, when I had been doing just fine by myself. I mean from paying bills to picking out clothes for the boys. He wants to be involved with us now and that's nice, too. But, there's no romance. There's love and commitment, but no true romance...

It just makes me sad. He had excitement with those other women. Now, he yells at me in the grocery store. I'm sure there was a lot of flirting when he was at 7-11 drinking, buying condoms and booze with those OW. It literally tears my heart to shreds.

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ItsaClimb posted 10/14/2013 13:53 PM

Yes! You sort of put into words something I have been feeling without even realising it. (Does that happen to anyone else? I find I often read something on SI and think "Yes! That is exactly what I have been feeling, only I hadn't put it into words" And suddenly this thing I have been wrestling with is so much clearer.)

Back to the point... Deep down, in some weird way, I feel like I am living with a stranger that I share 28 years of history with. It is the weirdest feeling! In so many ways I know him SO well and in other ways, I find myself thinking "Who IS this person?!"

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