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facebook om & obs - to block or not?

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2married2quit posted 10/16/2013 16:14 PM

I have to admit, I do keep up with them, but should I just block them or keep up? It's not obsessive, but it certainly isn't a positive thing. FWW blocked them both. She said I should too.

He friended all her friends which pisses me off, but what can I do.

jo2love posted 10/16/2013 16:19 PM

I would block them both.

IGaveItMyAll posted 10/16/2013 16:21 PM

Block them both. When you block them they can't see any of your feeds or phtots either. That way to OM can't keep up with your life/wife behind the scenes.

OnAnIsland posted 10/16/2013 16:22 PM

Block them both. It is a healthy step for you and protects your family from people who are not a part of it.

nekokamisama posted 10/16/2013 16:44 PM

Definitely block them both. You don't need the extra drama.

libertyrocks posted 10/16/2013 16:46 PM

For no drama, period. Delete both your accounts. I did. It was the best thing I ever did. No more obsessing or temptation of obsessing about my hurt. But, that's just me. See no evil, hear no evil.

LadyLove posted 10/16/2013 18:13 PM

My WH deactivated his account on his own but I still have mine. OW also friended his friends & family. OW can't see my friends list & any mutual friends we may have had were deleted on my end on DD. I have not blocked the ow, if she wants to creep on my page whatevs. She's only hurting herself, seeing him with me & that he's happy (lucky) to be where he is. Although I am selective about what's public and what's not. Living well is the best revenge imo.

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LosferWords posted 10/16/2013 18:17 PM

My advice, and my opinion would be to block them both, and pretend like they no longer exist. The goal here is indifference towards them, and irrelevance to your daily lives.

sisoon posted 10/16/2013 18:22 PM

NC, NC, NC. That's best for you.

2married2quit posted 10/16/2013 18:41 PM

k...blocked them both. It's hard ya know cause it's almost like you're letting them go without that one last display of disapproval about what happened.

5454real posted 10/16/2013 19:00 PM

they are not worth your time. your focus needs to be on you and your family.

LosferWords posted 10/16/2013 21:49 PM

It's hard ya know cause it's almost like you're letting them go without that one last display of disapproval about what happened.

Yep. I know. It's worth it in the long term, though. I really thing you did the right thing.

Here's the way I looked at it: looking at pictures of them on my computer in my house was in a way letting part of them into my house. Now they are no longer welcome.

Good job, 2married. I am hoping this brings you some additional peace, like it did to me.

bionicgal posted 10/16/2013 21:53 PM

I have 50+ mutual friends with the OW on facebook. She'll still see stuff I post on their walls, correct? If I block, can I see her public stuff?

kickboxer posted 10/17/2013 00:07 AM

WH had an account with 150-ish friends...I told him he had to close every possible door -- could not remain FB friends with anyone that could serve as a link to anyone he's every crossed a boundary with at anytime, ever.

He deleted that account completely and opened a new one.

He now has about 40 friends.

That's a lot of freaking doors.

2married2quit posted 10/21/2013 11:27 AM

bionicgal - FB changes their settings ALL the times. So blocking doesn't guarantee anything anymore. However, if a friend of you and your spouse posts of photo of you two, everyone can see, including OW. This royally SUCKS and it has been the issue we have been having.

AFrayedKnot posted 10/21/2013 11:35 AM

We both unfriended every mutual friend of the OM.

Unfortunate casualties of this stupid shit. So long....

authenticnow posted 10/21/2013 15:54 PM


Please note the Reconciliation Forum guidelines:

A wonderful place to share your struggles, success stories and triggers while trying to reconcile.It's a long road, but you can do it! There is to be no venting about or name calling the OP in this forum.

Thank you.

Silentthoughts posted 10/21/2013 16:06 PM

I deactivated my FB right after I got caught. Bh made me and I did. Cant say I was overly happy at the time because FB had nothing to do with what I did, but I only missed it for a few months and now could care less. Bh decided to deactivate his account a few months ago. Getting rid of FB has been a good thing for our marriage.

LadyLove posted 10/21/2013 22:04 PM

authenticnow - sorry I slipped

authenticnow posted 10/22/2013 04:47 AM

No worries .

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