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Brief mammo vent *ladies only*

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click4it posted 10/16/2013 23:50 PM

so, went for my yearly mammo today.

last year's did not hurt, but this time it did and I remarked on it.

the technician tells me: "well I looked at the scans last year to compare this year, and they didn't get a lot of tissue as I just did, so its important to get as much tissue as possible so we don't miss anything."

Really? I was dumbfounded. So, you mean to tell me that maybe last year, I didn't get a good xray? or did you just tell me that because I said it hurt? and do I now have to wonder every year when I go in if I will get a good screening done?

How wonderfully comforting.

and its just so nice to have you sit all the way across the room and tell me to take off my robe and walk what seems like miles to the machine where I stand and wait for you to come over and start "handling" me. and then to not even ask how I'm doing or make any convo and then tell me "all done" and watch me walk the "miles" back to put my robe back on and walk out the door.

confused girl posted 10/17/2013 00:06 AM

I am so sorry this happened to you. That Tech is an ass.

I work in healthcare and the techs always say, "It will be uncomfortable but it should not hurt. If it hurts enough that you think it is going to bring a tear to your eye, stop me immediately. It should not hurt."

The mammo you received last year was fine. The radiologist who reads the mammo would address it if they needed more tissue. You would have been called and asked to come back for a repeat.

And you should be provided a gown to wear and keep yourself covered. This is a matter of patient respect.

Truly, if this happened to me, I would contact someone, such as a manager or CEO. And I don't ever complain but this is a huge thing.

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simplydevastated posted 10/17/2013 05:41 AM

I'm sorry you had that experience. Like CG said, I would contact someone and complain. Also why can't you wear the robe and then take it off when you get up to the machine? You shouldn't have to walk across a room without a something covering you.

nowiknow23 posted 10/17/2013 06:19 AM

(((((click))))) I agree with confused girl. This is utterly unlike any experience I've had with a mammo, and shows no patient respect or professionalism. I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience, honey.

tushnurse posted 10/17/2013 08:02 AM

The tech you had needs to have someone tell on her.
Sounds like you have that option Click - This really is unacceptable behavior, and sounds like she was not really very nice at all.

My Mamms ALWAYS hurt, but I have a family history, and have had abnormal films, so I let them do what they need to so I don't have to an ultrasound, or MRI for further imaging. I'm presently on a 6 month plan.

But for the way she treated you, and then tell you that, basically don't worry, I did a better job than last year, is just freaking rude.

The technology, and equipment is getting better, and each time it does seem to be a little less painful.

She did not consider you privacy, or need for it either, and that is really unacceptable. I on the other hand walk in throw the coverup poncho thing on the chair, and say lets go at it, but I am old, and don't care who sees me naked. LOL

Sorry you had this experience, but you really need to talk to the manager of breast center, or radiology clinic you had this done.


Dallas2 posted 10/17/2013 08:22 AM

Report the TECH!!

I have dense tissue but it doesn't hurt, uncomfortable yes. Also they now have digital machines which are quick and not as uncomrtable as the others.

I would also say maybe she should get some cuddos for checking against last years pictures.

Not sure how to complain and praise at same time but that's what I suggest.

Deeply Scared posted 10/17/2013 08:32 AM


Make sure to ask your doctor for the 3D scan for your next years visit.

You still get squished but not nearly as much and the 3D scan is goes much deeper into reading dense tissue and picking up on any abnormalities.

I also agree with reporting the tech.

cmego posted 10/17/2013 12:05 PM

My Mom's breast cancer was almost at her arm pit...they need to try and get as much as humanly possible. That part, I agree with.

With my family history, plus I take estrogen, and I've had some abnormalities, I have had a lot of mammograms. I have had some so painful (when I had a cyst) that I was literally crying during the mammogram. I have had to have one while pregnant and while nursing. Both brought tears to my eyes.

My "regular" mammos never hurt though. Uncomfortable, yes. I have dense breast tissue, so they always have to do at least an ultrasound follow up too.

But, I have ALWAYS been allowed to keep my gown on up until the point they are ready to position me. Usually, the techs are very sweet. I'd complain too

dazdandconfuzed posted 10/17/2013 12:18 PM

I had my first mammo a couple of weeks ago. The tech had me leave the gown on and only take off the side she was taking the scan of, then switch to the other side. She also said it would be uncomfortable but if it was actually painful to tell her. She did also tell me that it makes a big difference when you have it during the month - if you can, she said to try and schedule it for 10 after the start of your last period (but who the heck counts it out that far, right?) So it may have been that it was at a different point in your cycle.

click4it posted 10/18/2013 01:23 AM

thanks everyone...

I think I will at some point make a complaint. I do think it wasn't right and they need to know.. if anyone has dealt with Kaiser as their medical insurance/providers...well you know what i'm talking about.

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