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His consequences... my pain

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whiteflower99 posted 10/17/2013 14:00 PM

I swear I feel like a rat in a cage on a wheel...
My stbx's latest party was with a coworker. Due to circumstances unaffiliated with the affair, he was transferred to another location. So while they both work for the same company, they are not together.
in any event it doesn't matter because she is the one who confessed their affair to me, so I know there is no contact.
Today he was visited by senior management and told he was being demoted. While he understands that these are consequences that he must face as a result of his actions, I am left wondering (again) what consequences is she going to face if any. this is a recurring theme. He screws around, he loses his job, or gets demoted, and financially I am the one paying the price.
I am so damned pissed.
Once again, the OW wins.

callmecrazy posted 10/17/2013 14:07 PM

Unfortunately, there is nothing fair to the BS, ever when it comes to an A and what comes after. Hugs whiteflower

TrustGone posted 10/17/2013 16:20 PM

Unfortunately these are the results of what they did to us and themselves. Hopefully your stxwh gets the consequences of what he did and will seek help. It is often the BS that gets the worst and it's certainly not fair, but it's he way it is. (((HUGS)))

whiteflower99 posted 10/17/2013 17:30 PM

It isn't my stbx. Its the damned audacity of this OW. She tried to spin it like she was in fear of her job etc ;
And he gets a pay cut and she gets ... nothing? Because she is a victim???

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