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I Wonder

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libertyrocks posted 10/18/2013 15:07 PM

I wonder about my H's exLTA of a year. I wonder how much he liked her, how much cooler she was than me. How he liked her best. How he took her everywhere and spent so much time with her. IT. DRIVES. ME. NUTS.

As BS, how are we supposed to get over this? As part of of our healing self esteems. I mean, I do forgive him, but it makes me terribly sad inside...

LA44 posted 10/18/2013 15:18 PM

Cooler then you? Come on. Your name is Liberty Rocks for crying out loud!

Hey ((LR)) you know what? The AP in our case could be funnier, brighter, prettier then me. Whatever she is, he just walked in the door here with love in his eyes so I am guessing she wasn't enough. Or better yet...I am!!!

And so are you!

bionicgal posted 10/18/2013 16:26 PM

Love that, LA!

ItsaClimb posted 10/19/2013 02:07 AM

I'm not pretending to have this sorted, it's a demon I wrestle with a lot, but in my "saner" moments I think this:

The OW may be prettier, skinnier, more accomplished BUT she does not have a good soul, she does not have a kind heart, she does not have a gentle spirit. And in the great big scheme of things THOSE are the things that count.

To do the things she did - to sit and listen to him phone me, knowing she was about to go and have sex with him, to sleep in her bed with him 40 times, knowing he had a family at home - those things show me she was NOT a nice person. And in my books, niceness counts way more than all the other surface stuff.

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