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bunni972 posted 10/19/2013 21:50 PM

I just want to be able not to wonder and worry about where WH is. I sat here all evening waiting for him to get home from work. He's a nurse so he does work 12+ hr shifts usually and I'm okay with that. But at least have the commomn courtsey to call me and tell me you are going to be late. Finally at 9pm he called me to tell me he just looked up and saw the time. He was apolgetic but it still pisses me off. Got off the phone and broke down crying. I hate wondering where he is, I hate thinking that he's not where he tells me he is. I hate that he has put me in this position.
I had finally just gotten to the point where I had stopped checking his texts and his calls. Ugh, I hate this! He told me at 9pm that he was going to be about another 1/2 hr and then would be heading home. Let's see what time he gets home.

emotionalgirl posted 10/19/2013 22:09 PM

Bunni..I am so sorry. I don't think my answer is going to be a popular one. Unfortunately I don't see this getting any easier. I am also a nurse and I have been there, that situation where the work gets ahead of you and you look up and see the time and go "crap...I was supposed to leave 2 hrs ago". I have in fact started setting my phone alarm if I have to be somewhere at a certain time. Sometimes it is not easy to walk away and make a call or to excuse yourself from a patient or family.

Is he able to carry his phone with him on vibrate? Perhaps if he can you could text him at the end of his shift just to remind him of the time, or if he has a smart phone you can at least use the find my phone app to check his whereabouts. I also found an app called avocado for iPhone users that is great. It has a GPS setting so you can see where he is and you can send kisses etc.

I know this seems to be putting the responsibility on you as the BS, but I think in this situation it is going to have to be a two way street to success. (((Hugs)))

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