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Sunday Dinner

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jrc1963 posted 10/20/2013 12:24 PM

Stuffed Cabbage...

Before it goes in the oven

SisterMilkshake posted 10/20/2013 12:43 PM

Looks delish, jrc1963.

Chicken and Dumplings. In the crockpot already. Great meals for a chilly, rainy Fall Sunday dinner.

musiclovingmom posted 10/20/2013 14:01 PM

We were going to have fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, but my H got called to work and won't be home until around midnight. We'll save the fried chicken for when he is home and have leftovers tonight.

knightsbff posted 10/20/2013 15:35 PM

Chicken and sausage gumbo.

inconnu posted 10/20/2013 17:06 PM

so far, the apple cider pound cake I have baking is the only thing on the menu.

jrc1963 posted 10/20/2013 17:45 PM


Chocolate Chip Cookies made by me and DS.

wildbananas posted 10/20/2013 17:56 PM


Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and asparagus here... ice cream for dessert.

kernel posted 10/20/2013 18:26 PM

Leftover Chinese takeout - beef fried rice and kung pao chicken. Perfect for watching football.

jrc - my youngest DD absolutely loves stuffed cabbage. We don' t make it in the oven though - on the stovetop. What is your cabbage stuffed with?

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jrc1963 posted 10/20/2013 18:40 PM

The cabbage was stuffed with ground sirloin with rice, onions, salt and pepper in it.

Next time I'll season my meat a bit more... it was a bit bland.

Also, I have to try to find sour salt for the sauce... it just adds something that this sauce didn't have.

BrokenRoad posted 10/20/2013 18:50 PM

We had "michigan style goulash" according to jrc.
I have a picture but Picasa is taking forEVER to load my pics. All of them. (sigh)

lynnm1947 posted 10/20/2013 18:56 PM

We didn't drink my birthday champagne (Veuve Cliquot) on my birthday, so tonight we dressed in our woolies and had pizza and champagne on our patio! Yeah, real class.

cantlivewithouth posted 10/20/2013 18:59 PM

We made pulled pork for dinner with French fries. My parents were up for the race so I just threw a pork shoulder in the crockpot before we left for the race early this morning.

Amazonia posted 10/20/2013 19:02 PM

A friend and I got totchos for dinner tonight.

Chrysalis123 posted 10/20/2013 19:10 PM

Pot roast aka Paula Deen. Yum

BrokenRoad posted 10/20/2013 19:14 PM



Amazonia posted 10/20/2013 19:28 PM


ThoughtIKnewYa posted 10/21/2013 01:13 AM

A friend and I got totchos for dinner tonight.

I have just re-named you Am-A-Stone-Ya

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