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I can understand why some ap's do it

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sullymeishadomi posted 10/21/2013 06:26 AM

I dont have much time to write but here goes...

As my lonliness gets worse and as more people are turning their backs on me (thus the worsening lonliness) and the fact im married to idiot boy and all that has come with it (his improved behavior is late and I have issues believing its true) I can see where it would be easy for me to go down that slope. No, I wouldnt. I pray I wouldnt. I can just see where it would be easy.

Like wh's ho. She wanted the white picket fence etc and in the two yrs since her second divorce she found nobody. Then along comes idiot to fill her man void... There is also a difference where she has friends and family who love her (and nearby...same area) and the closest I have is on the west coast. I have nobody. Even tho I never would do what she did, I can see where here agony for affection and love led her to do what she did.

sullymeishadomi posted 10/21/2013 06:52 AM

The other thing I realised is there are people (not everyone) who enjoy hurting others (like wh did..and how I see one aquaintance do non-infidelity wise).

ItsaClimb posted 10/21/2013 08:17 AM

I can see why some APs WANT to do it. I can even see why my WH's OW WANTED to do it. But I can't see how they bring themselves to actually DO it.

My WH's OW was divorced and apparently lonely, so I see she had a void to fill. Fro what he has told me, she seems to be one of those emotionally needy people who are always trying to make people like them, sucking up to people, laughing at their jokes, complimenting them etc. So I understand that she was lonely, needy etc etc and I can see why she wanted to have the A. But I cannot see how she could allow herself to take that step. I will never understand that.

lost_in_toronto posted 10/21/2013 08:46 AM


I'm sorry you are feeling so lonely right now.

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