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World of Warcraft experts - question

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Dark Inertia posted 10/21/2013 14:59 PM

This is specifically in terms of Restoration Druids. I know I can go to Blizz forums, but those guys treat every question like it is the dumbest one ever asked.

I switched my Level 60 talent from Incarnation to Force of Nature. So basically I switched out from turning into a giant tree to 3 treants helping me heal. It seems to me that FoN is actually better than Tree of Life for AoE heals. Since I do mainly PvP, I need as much AoE as possible. Does anyone have any hard numbers, or know how to do the math for comparing Incarnation AoE vs FoN? I tried googling it, and I get mixed reviews, and a lot of Boomies complaining that they want Swiftmend when they cast FoN.

It just seems to me that for AoE heals FoN would beat out Incarnation. With FoN in an emergency I can literally cast 4 swiftmends back to back. My one swiftmend that I do, and then the 3 FoN. The CD is 20 seconds, which is not too bad, imo. I just want some hard numbers to back it up, or am I wrong?

By the way, the only reason I changed out my talent was so I didn't have to shapeshift and lose my Hallow's End costume. Yes, I have changed my whole gameplay all for the sake of staying a Leper Gnome Druid.

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little turtle posted 10/21/2013 21:09 PM

Have you looked at sites specifically for resto Druids? Or elitist jerks? I had a bunch of links for my resto Druid and Mage, but I got rid of them since I haven't raided in a couple of years.

Sorry I don't have an answer to your question!

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