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What is your costume for Halloween?

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MovingUpward posted 10/23/2013 07:24 AM

I've got a costume party coming up and have a few ideas. At the moment I was leaning toward Zorro.

So what is your costume this year?

imagoodwitch posted 10/23/2013 10:52 AM

The Halloween party that I am going to is also on my birthday this year, hint, hint

My costume:

I'm a ceiling fan.

I have pom poms that are blue and yellow, I got a yellow tee-shirt and ironed on blue letters that say "Go Ceiling" and I bought a blue bow and a yellow bow to put in my hair which I will wear in ponytails.

I will also wear this costume to work on Halloween as we dress in my office.

purplejacket4 posted 10/23/2013 11:03 AM

Student Health is having a superheroes theme so I'm going to be the Green Lantern. Green is my favorite color. My ring even has a green laser light..ooooohhhhh

Of course my dog hates my outfit and runs from me and barks! Oh well!

Whalers11 posted 10/23/2013 14:47 PM

I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was 7. Hated it then, and I still won't do it now...

SerJR posted 10/23/2013 18:48 PM

welcome14 posted 10/24/2013 17:57 PM

Me and two colleagues are going as witchs. We think we will look like Macbeth's trio, but in reality, we will probably look more like the three from Hocus Pocus. I, of course, will be Bette Middler, cause I am that fantastic...

wildbananas posted 10/24/2013 18:00 PM

As you know, I'm going to be a cheerleader.

Feel free to utilize my idea in whatever way works for you.

JustDone posted 10/24/2013 20:40 PM

50 shades of grey - complete with 50 gray paint chips:

BrokenRoad posted 10/24/2013 20:58 PM

Clever, JustDone!

I'm going as a witch, and I made my own hat since they wanted to charge me 50bucks at the fairs around here.

I bought $5 worth of stuff at the dollar store and sewed it together.

I also have feather eyelashes and a black and purple dress.

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JustDone posted 10/24/2013 21:17 PM

Ok, 2nd choice - Duck Dynasty:

cantlivewithouth posted 10/26/2013 17:01 PM

I'm going as a butterfly. DSS is going as a Cyberman.

I'm almost done with the costume. Just need to finish the head.

Jrazz posted 10/26/2013 17:21 PM

Homicidal Maniac. They look just like everybody else.

BrokenRoad posted 10/26/2013 22:32 PM

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Waiting4Daylite posted 10/26/2013 22:37 PM

I went as a trash bag one year. Wore black tights, grubby tennis shoes with newspaper sticking out. Slipped on the old trash bag filled it with crumpled up newspaper and dirtied my face. Unfortunately it did get a bit hot.

HFSSC posted 10/26/2013 23:28 PM

This year I am boring. I bought a banana costume.

My favorite ever was when I made a flat screen monitor out of some cardboard and hung it in front. The. I strapped a keyboard and mouse around my waist. I put on a bathrobe and pajamas, put a box of tissues and a thermometer in the pockets and went w/o makeup. I was a computer with a virus.

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bbee posted 10/27/2013 02:07 AM

AFrayedKnot posted 10/27/2013 07:48 AM

Witch Doctors!!!

lynnm1947 posted 10/28/2013 14:41 PM

Lookin' good, BR!

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