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Don't watch the Bethenny show tomorrow

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Clarrissa posted 10/23/2013 14:57 PM

unless you want to get ticked off and perhaps yell at the TV.

I saw the promo for tomorrow's episode and one of the guests said (and I quote). "You make that house a home, he ain't going anywhere." Is it just me or is she laying responsibility on (potenial) BS to keep their spouse faithful? That's how it came across to me. My first thought was she was so full of crap you could smell it a mile away - from *upwind*.

I kinda hope I get cut loose from work early so I can watch it, just to see what other bullcrap this woman comes up with.

simplydevastated posted 10/23/2013 15:02 PM

That is such a typical response when it comes to infidelity. It's ignorance in it's purest form. Whenever I hear that line I just roll my eyes.

Clarrissa posted 10/23/2013 15:28 PM

I bet if she was ever cheated on, she wouln't take the blame or responsibility. That statement told me right off the rip she's never been in this situation. If she had been, she'd never have spouted such drivel. I would soooo like to call that show and tell her she has NO clue what she's talking about. And I'd bet she considers herself a "relationship expert". When it comes to infidelity, WE are the experts, degree earned the *hard* way.

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