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the ongoing little itty bitty triggers

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hexed posted 10/23/2013 19:35 PM

Damn this healing stuff is hard.

My DS and I were at odds over something related to X. It involved DS needing to contact X. I had a nightmare afterwards. Certain things with X cause me to have dreams about being chased. Its weird b/c its not everything though. I hadn't had one since last time X came to town. Ugggh! The kind that you wake up from and fall right back in to.

On the plus side, I came home unannounced from a trip last night. I hadn't had any contact with TG despite some texts earlier in the evening. He often leaves his phone random places around the house so this isn't unusual or concerning. Just annoying.

However driving from the airport, I couldn't help flashing back to times with my X. I wasn't 'really' worried but just couldn't help wondering what I would find. (nothing but a great man curled up in my bed).

5+ years...nothing major but damn it when will the little stuff stop??

Heal&Deal posted 10/23/2013 22:30 PM

It is crazy how it will just come out of nowhere and surprise you sometimes. Still, we can be thankful that gone are the only-a-pinprick-of-light at the end of the tunnel days.

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