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He loves his shirt

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LA44 posted 10/25/2013 19:56 PM

I had a shirt made for my H who is running in the NYC marathon one week from Sunday.

He loved it! Had his nickname printed on the front of the shirt in bold letters so people could cheer him on by name and our provinces' flag on the back. Also put me and our boys' names on there too so we would be with him when he runs.

The gift really touched him.

Thought a positive post to kick start the weekend was needed by me.

karmahappens posted 10/25/2013 20:00 PM

That's awesome!

Good luck to him! Will you all be in the city?

LA44 posted 10/25/2013 21:12 PM

I will be there!

Boys need to stay home and look for Dad on TV. He will come around....35,000 place (his words). The boys don't even get that!

HardenMyHeart posted 10/26/2013 00:37 AM

sinsof thefather posted 10/26/2013 04:28 AM

What a lovely gift - I'm sure he'll wear it with a lot of pride.

sisoon posted 10/26/2013 08:05 AM

That is really cool!

karmahappens posted 10/26/2013 13:48 PM

He will come around....35,000 place

Um...I wouldn't even qualify so tell him he rocks just for doing it!

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