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Holiday blues

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918Mama posted 10/26/2013 23:04 PM

H and I are separated and I'm trying to take the time and space for my own healing and recovery.

Most of the time I'm amazing.

Tonight was hard. Took the kids to a friend's house for a Halloween party. The same one we went to together last year with our brand new baby.

This time, it was just me. And that little baby is now a crazy one year old who is in to everything. And I have no husband to help me. I just felt so sad.

I know this too shall pass and I'm sure I won't be alone forever. But sometimes I just can't believe I'm here and alone and my family isn't together.

I wish I just knew how it will all work out.

RavenWood posted 10/27/2013 00:23 AM

You're not alone. I'm without any Halloween fun this year. But then I thought back to last year and remembered how cold, disconnected, and disrespectful my stbxw was to me. I'm glad I'm not going through another year of that bullshit now that I know the truth.

So instead I picked up a old hobby and had a quiet and wonderful night by myself.

Hopefully you can find comfort with friends or a fun activity - try something you've never done before. Start a new holiday tradition for you and your kids.

ladies_first posted 10/27/2013 12:29 PM

I wish I just knew how it will all work out.

The holidays will come -- and go -- every year. What new traditions are you "trying on for size?" Keep trying new traditions till you find those that make you and your child smile.


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