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The documentary, Babies

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InnerLight posted 10/28/2013 00:28 AM


4 babies from 4 countries. Namibia, Tokyo, San Francisco, Mongolia.

From birth to first steps.

Adorable, funny, moving.

jo2love posted 10/28/2013 08:43 AM

Awww. Sounds cute. What channel?

hill posted 10/28/2013 09:01 AM

Great movie!!

wifehad5 posted 10/28/2013 16:13 PM

I saw the previews. It looks like a great movie

jo2love posted 10/28/2013 16:41 PM

Is it in the movies or on tv?

(I really don't get out much.)

circe posted 10/28/2013 19:55 PM

Mongolian Baby FTW!!!

Awesome documentary. I saw it screened in a theater during an emotionally hard time in my life and I will never forget that the sweetness of this documentary warmed me inside - especially the little Mongolian baby who made me laugh every single time he was on screen.

InnerLight posted 10/29/2013 00:53 AM

I saw it on netflix DVD.

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