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1 year out = feeling of dread?

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WearingTheHorns posted 10/28/2013 23:24 PM

I'm almost one year from d-day (it's in a few weeks), and I've noticed the last few days off and on I've had a strong feeling of dread. It's like there's another shoe about to drop and I feel horrible waiting for it to. I've had a gut feeling there's another AP she never admitted to (she's never admitted to more than I already had firm evidence of), and maybe with the anniversary coming up I'm just expecting to find out I was right about that, I don't know. Or, is it just normal that I would have a feeling of dread knowing what I found out a year ago? Hope this all makes sense.

blackbirdfly posted 10/28/2013 23:27 PM

At about one year, it could be either.

If your gut is telling you there is more than you know, there just might be.

On the other hand, our minds and bodies remember trauma. The time of year can make you have PTSD symptoms that make you feel like the same thing is happening to you.

It's scary and hard to shake off.

StruckNumb posted 10/29/2013 00:10 AM

I can relate both to the feeling and to your feeling there was someone else. I don't know if your wife is different but I know my WH will never admit to anything I can't show undeniable proof for. How is it possible to feel safe again after such a betrayal?

Jacobell posted 10/29/2013 01:21 AM

We have just "celebrated" our first DDay anniversary and I am not going to lie, the lead up, the actual day and the days that have followed have been just horrible. It has stirred up so much emotion and although I feel I have coped well with things, this emotion has shocked me by how raw it still all feels.

I tend to agree with Blackbird that if your gut is telling you there is more to learn then there may well be. 2 weeks after DDay my gut told me that I finally had the complete picture.

Sending you strength to get through these coming weeks.

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