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talk me down...

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cuppacoffee posted 10/29/2013 09:48 AM

tell me not to go creep on OW's fb/twitter.

I haven't given a rat's behind about her in almost 3 weeks. But dh and I had a discussion (definitely not a fight but a discussion and of course I cried about it. He told me he forgot what it was like to be with her and it's in his past and he's over it. he knows he fucked up and he can't change it. I totally get that but alas I'm stuck here.)

Now I'm feeling like I want to check skankface out. I know none of her actions now have anything to do with my life but I just want to hear or see that karma hits her for this.

The husband no longer associates with those who associate with skankface so unless I snope I won't know.

Talk me out of it.

simplydevastated posted 10/29/2013 10:00 AM

She is not worth your time or energy. Don't give her another thought. Instead use that energy to continue to work on your marriage.

PinkJeepLady posted 10/29/2013 10:41 AM

What I can do is give you some ideas of things to do instead.
Are you at work? Take a walk outside and do some other people watching. Here's a game I like to play, "best tatoo of the day". See if you can find one. I also play fashion police in my mind, so fun.
If you can get outside and walk in the fresh air that might really help. I hope you are somewhere where you can see the fall colors of the leaves, or maybe some mountains, lakes? Can you go power walk in a mall, window shopping?
When I am tempted to so something like you are fighting against, I will leave my ipad in the car overnight. The urge passes faster when technology isn't at your fingertips. Leave your phone locked in your car for a couple hours.
How about a diversion with coffee? Can you grab a completely different flavor than you have ever tried? I am addicted to chai tea, have you tried it? Wish I could pick you up in the pink jeep to grab a cup.
Please just keep trying to think of things that you enjoy and focus on them. Think of what you can DO, not what you are trying NOT to do. How about a massage, mani or pedi?
You can do this, you are so right, she isn't worth your time because YOU are busy LIVING YOUR LIFE!!!!
Take care

SoVerySadNow posted 10/29/2013 10:55 AM

People like OW don't tell truth, they paint a rosey picture on FB to make the world believe they are fantastic.
She may even be hoping that you look or hear about what she's orchestrated on her FB.
Read a fiction book instead- it would be just as real.

Lovedyoumore posted 10/29/2013 11:20 AM

If you sense your H might still be interested or if the OW is still interested in him, then look around for evidence.

But, it sounds like you two are past this now. Do not look at it. It will only make you mad. It seems the skankier (is that a word?) they are the more they post those holier than thou quotes about life and love and staying true and pure.

Just take the opportunity to post your own happiness.

cuppacoffee posted 10/29/2013 11:24 AM

I tried telling him last night there is no guarantee he was her first or last married man.

He said "oh she's not like that."

uh huh.

Then I said to him "did you tell her the truth about everything?" His answer : No. Well then why do you expect her to be 100% honest.

I just hope one day it all sinks in.

Thanks guys.

Skankface can live happily ever after on the FB with her fake life.

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