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Pet peeves thread

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Snapdragon posted 10/29/2013 22:31 PM

Has it been a while? Is it time for a new threat for our pet peeves?

May I please begin?

*In the parking deck at my company are about 10 spots that are small and have signs that say "Cars only. No trucks or SUVs" EVERY f-ing day there are trucks and SUVs parked in some of them!

* The coffee princesses in my office that leave 1/2 cup in the pot and walk away

* The asshole on the highway that simply MUST be in front of me at the exit interchange. It would NOT have mattered... sheesh... Thanks for endangering my merge.

* My asshole cat that is shredding the Halloween decorations! LOL

Ok.... Please present yours. I went easy to give others a voice. I have so many traffic peeves I could have presented.

GabyBaby posted 10/29/2013 22:45 PM

Traffic?! As a person who commutes a minimum of 45 minutes each way, that list is way too long for me to start in on.

My personal pet peeves:
Irresponsible pet owners- clean up after your pets! Don't assume your "baby" won't bite someone. If she/he has teeth, she/he is capable of biting.

Coworkers who refuse to be good neighbors in cubicle land. One particular coworker has a cell phone that pings and rings all day due to various social network notifications, emails, and phone calls. Then she spends 30-45 minutes per day (sometimes multiple times per day) on personal calls.

People who leave their dirty, disgusting dishes in the community sink at work, assuming someone else will clean up after them. When you come back to find your stuff in the trash? Yep- I did it, and I'll keep doing it til you get a clue.

FaithFool posted 10/29/2013 22:48 PM

- Do you have to set your auto key lock to make the car honk when you lock it? Sheesh, aren't flashing lights enough to verify it's locked?

- People who don't check the side mirror for cyclists before opening the door.

- Bring a travel mug instead of wasting paper and plastic every time you go to Starbucks. Especially moms with strollers with drink holders. It's easy. Try it.

- Texting/talking while driving.

- Cyclists in dark clothing with no lights, reflectors or common sense, wearing earbuds in traffic in the dark.

- Dog poo bags left on the sidewalk or in the bushes. Ick.

- Don't get me started on leafblowers.

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Deeply Scared posted 10/29/2013 22:51 PM

Dogs in the back of trucks. I want to knock the crap out of the driver for putting that dog in such danger.

People that are in the wrong yet somehow flip *you* off because they came head on into your lane while texting.


Them: "I'm not soliciting..."
me: "do you have an appointment?"
Them: "No, I just thought I would make contact..."
me: "Then you're soliciting"

travels posted 10/30/2013 06:20 AM

Drivers who don't do the "thanks" wave when I let them ahead of me. Most of them are on the phone or texting.

This one is becoming more common here - drivers who don't "yield" when merging onto an interstate. I move over when I can, but when there is a semi beside me and someone on my tail, no I'm not letting you over. Doesn't "Yield" mean you're the one who is supposed to slow down?

The dirty dish fairies don't come into work and clean up after you - especially at work. I've found it's usually the one guy who works in my building who went from mom cleaning up after him, to his wife cleaning up after him. He once responded to a question, "The girls usually take care of that." Oh really?
There are a few younger girls who you can tell their moms have done everything for them.
Our janitor used a Sharpie to write in the sink - "This is not a garbage can."

ninebark posted 10/30/2013 07:21 AM

Oh well where to start!!

- coworkers who insist on talking loudly about the women they took to motel rooms on the weekend and the various toys that they used. I don't need to know this....apparently they don't know the rule that if I am not getting any neither should you!

-Old people who drive very slowly when you are late for work.

- Irregardless. This is not a word, stop, just stop.

-Waiting forever for my new work computer to come in and when it arrives it just sits on my floor in a box and IT refuses to take my calls. I am not sure what ring of hell it is I have to contact but I am working on it.

-waiting for my friend the plumber who is going to put my new tub in for free....because it is hunting season. ANd becuase it is free I can't complain. Ugh.

Mack9512 posted 10/30/2013 07:38 AM

Oh there are so many!

"first annual" - if it is the first one it isn't 'annual' yet.

co-worker that clips his nails everyday

co-workers that do no clean the seat after they use the toilet.

saggy pants - wear a belt dammit!

women who wear sandals that are too small, so that their toes hang over the sides

women who wear high heels in the snow

slow drivers in the left lane

when you are in a theater or any place with close seating, and you need to leave your seat for any reason and the people sitting next to you won't stand up to make it easier to get through...they just shift their knees. (I purposely step on their toes because it makes me feel better.)

Ok, now I'm annoying myself so I have to quit.

Dreamboat posted 10/30/2013 07:54 AM

Since traffic seems to be the theme...

- People who pull out in front of me and then slam on their brakes. This happened to me yesterday and thanks to "JAYBOB" in the QX4, my purse, laptop, and mail all ended up on the floor. grrr
- People who constantly change lanes in rush hour traffic trying to "get ahead". Listen, both lanes are equally packed. 10 lane changes later the clown is still right beside me
- people who know they need to turn left but do not get into the left lane. Then they come to a complete stop in moving traffic so they can get over. This happens every single morning near my work. every.single.morning.

Now onto the grocery store:
- People who park their cart in the middle of the aisle so no one can get around, and then give a dirty look when you say "excuse me" so they will move
- Cashiers who ignore the fact that I am holding some coupons and then "process" my transaction so I do not get the coupons. Gee thanks. Then I have to go to customer service and waste another 10 minutes of my life just to redeem my coupons.
- Bag boys who insist that they must take out my groceries even after I have said no thank you. I am able bodied, I don't want to chat, and I don't like that you put the bag of canned goods on top of my bread. Help the mother with 3 kids or the elderly gentlemen with the cane.

And my final pet peeve that also happened yesterday: When the company calls a mandatory meeting to "meet" the local politician. Really?? Is my boss going to come into the voting booth with me next time?? double grrrr

tushnurse posted 10/30/2013 08:14 AM

I see a theme here, and most of these all come back to my greatest peeve of all. Self centered people that feel entitiled to do whatever the F they want. Examples,
Not using a turn indicator. Seriously, how F'ing hard is it to flip that little thing up or down to let the folks around you know where you are going?
The people in Wal-mart, Grocery store, or any store with carts that block the whole damn aisle, and then act like you have the plague when you ask them to move, or move their cart out of your way.
People that just lack the ability to please and thank you, especially the clerk at the store. Seriously how hard is it to greet your customer, and read the total, and say thank you?????

k94ever posted 10/30/2013 08:47 AM

People that use the term "it's complicated". No, it's NOT complicated, you just don't want to own up to telling the truth.

Women drivers (and I AM one). Jeez ladies....put the makeup on at home, stop driving and talking on the phone, stop lighting your cigarettes, stop gabbing with the other people in the car and last but not least...get a map! Either I'm driving a snowplow or have a lawn care trailer hitched to my truck but either way I CAN'T stop on a dime and my truck is waaay bigger than your car and I'll crush you. And I realize my truck is silver, but how can you NOT see the 8ft red plow on the front or the 12ft red trailer with all the pretty red mowing machines on it!!!!



sunandmoon posted 10/30/2013 08:50 AM

The school drop off....oh the rage I end up feeling at the school drop off. It needs to keep moving to be effective. Only a few cars can pull to the curb and the rest have to wait until those cars pull away. This is not the time to get out and check you childs backpack, or have a fifteen minute goodbye...or chat with another parent dropping off. PLEASE.....


lieshurt posted 10/30/2013 09:01 AM

When people notice there is a problem, but choose not to report it because they thought somebody else would.....except they all thought that and nobody reported it, so now it's escalated into an ever bigger issue

People who feel they are entitled to just about everything.


Attention whores

People who kiss ass to get ahead instead of working hard to earn it.

weeping willow posted 10/30/2013 09:49 AM

Uninvited people who randomly show up, unannounced, on my door step. This includes friends, relatives solicitors and strangers. So rude! I would never, ever, ever, go to someone's (including my family's) home uninvited.

Rude people.

Bad table manners.

Stinky perfume that smells like someone took a bath in it.

MissesJai posted 10/30/2013 10:29 AM

*when eating at your desk and someone comes over, looks at your food, and asks, "what's that?!?!" - as if I'm eating human flesh

*people who don't like crowds, yet take public transportation then start snapping on anyone who happens to be in "their space" - find another fucking mode of transport asshole

*people who use the word "slow" to describe individuals with mental/learning disabilities - I really want to choke the shit out of these people

*LA freeways - anything, everything, you name it - it goes down on LA freeways, including traffic for no reason other than you're in LA

*conversate - that's not a fucking word!!!!

*women who get an acrylic tip on their big toenails so that they extend waaaaaaaaaaay past the actual sole of their sandal/slipper - that is just disgusting. Every single time I see that, and I see it every day at the train station, I immediately get angry.

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Williesmom posted 10/30/2013 10:34 AM

People that take the last of something and don't re-order or let someone know.

People that hang out in the passing lane. If you're not passing -> get out of my lane, because I'm PASSING!

When the checkout person gives me my change, and puts the receipt in my hand and then piles the coins on top of the receipt. Really? sigh.

Christmas lights in July.

I have to stop here, or I may just spend the rest of the day typing on this thread.

ninebark posted 10/30/2013 10:39 AM

Wait Williesmom just made me think of another one.

Cashiers at Tim Horton's who keep the change without asking as a tip. Burns my butt, a tip is to be decided by the patron based on service, you don't get to decide what I tip you!!!

MissesJai posted 10/30/2013 11:21 AM

When the checkout person gives me my change, and puts the receipt in my hand and then piles the coins on top of the receipt.
GAH - this one gets me too!

stroppy_wanadoo posted 10/30/2013 12:01 PM

Adding to the grocery store irritations... people who stop and chat with other patrons in the middle of an aisle, or at the end of an aisle so you hit them when you round the corner then shoot you dagger looks. This is a grocery store, people, not happy hour. I am there on a mission and don't appreciate your socialization!

Also, checkout clerks who comment on every item you buy... or stop to look at the ingredients on the label. Again - I am on a mission and don't have time (or interest) in your commentary.

At work, I can't stand the sniffer, carrot chomper and lunch stealers that work on my floor. Also, 20-something girls who dress for the club instead of our conservative business office. Yes, your strappy gold f-me shoes are cute, your sequined trimmed pants are trendy, and your see-through top is sexy, but none of them belong here!

Final grumble - the changeover of clothing in retail stores two seasons early... like back to school clothes and winter jackets replacing swimwear on racks in mid-June, or shorts and flip-flops replacing sweaters and snow boots in January. It's Ohio, people. And I have kids who are growing like weeds (or wear through their new snowpants - purchased in July - by January 21). Not always easy to plan ahead for what might fit them/they might need. Let me shop the appropriate season!

Holly-Isis posted 10/30/2013 12:25 PM

Most anything my ILs do or say.

jo2love posted 10/30/2013 13:05 PM

*when eating at your desk and someone comes over, looks at your food, and asks, "what's that?!?!" - as if I'm eating human flesh

Omg I laughed so hard it scared the kitten that was sleeping on me.

Parents who leave their young kids alone in the children's section of the library. Hey rocket scientist, kids can be kidnapped. Also, I do not enjoy your child screaming, halling ass at top speed around the bookcases, and slamming things. How can you teach your kid manners if you are off who knows where?

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