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Attorney Meeting

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Gemini71 posted 10/30/2013 00:28 AM

So I had my first face to face with my attorney since the initial consult. We've been doing a lot of the paperwork via email. It was very reassuring to have a meeting so I could really see how things stood, especially since half my retainer is already used up. I was a bit worried.

We sat down to go over the Parenting Agreement STBXH's L sent as a response to my initial filing. It wasn't too different from the one I came up with and shared with STBXH for input. In fact I think they just cut and pasted most of it. I think we pretty much have that portion worked out and ready to file.

My L suggested we have a settlement conference with STBXH and his L for the financial portion. We're pretty much in agreement about splitting the debt (no assets here). There's just some technicalities about CS and SS versus unallocated support that need to be worked out face to face. Probably for the best. Depending on when this meeting gets set up, we could have a settlement worked out by our first court date on Dec. 5th, but more likely sometime in January 2014.

I guess my D is different than a lot that are posted about here. STBXH and I are pretty amicable. I'd like to get things finalized while we're still getting along, and also before any criminal charges possibly come his way (see profile).

I'm just feeling a lot of conflicting emotions after this attorney meeting. I know I'm doing the right thing. Sometimes it's just impossible to stay married to someone you care about. He may say he doesn't want this D, but his actions scream he's been single for years. Sometimes my head just spins from the speed of all this, but I know waiting won't change anything.

Thanks for listening.

Nature_Girl posted 10/30/2013 00:32 AM

Wow. So calm & peaceful. I can't even form a cogent thought process. Wow. God bless you, sister!

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