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Oh, so sparkly... but so sad...

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tryingagain74 posted 10/31/2013 21:24 PM

Oh, XWH... you are so transparent.

So, he and the Owife came to pick up the kids from my house (ETA: for trick-or-treating). The kids had to wait on the porch with me because it was raining, but fortunately, Owife knew her place (out in the street) while XWH came up on my lawn.

So, not only does XWH come IN COSTUME this year (this from the man who previously did nothing for Halloween other than slog along with us during trick-or-treating while I took care of everything else), but he and the Owife then stand in front of the neighbor's house on the sidewalk chit chatting with the kids for about five minutes-- gosh, enough time for me to see what a happy family they are?

I just sat there and honestly tried not to laugh. It is really somewhat sad to see how hard they are trying. Oh, and her kids? They were apparently with their dad, so shucks, no Brady Bunch Halloween this year.

At the end of the night, DS #2 informed me that he no longer wants to go trick-or-treating with his dad and wants me to take them next year; DD said that she wished I could have gone with them as well. So yeah, XWH, your cutsie outfit and attempt at playing the family man isn't even working on your 7 year old and 5 year old. They'd rather be with their real parent.

Suck on THAT, you Dum Dum.

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thebighurt posted 11/1/2013 00:17 AM

I'm glad your kids *get it*, but sorry they have had to go through those things to learn it. It's because of you that they recognize how phony his/their act is. They know that from your example.

I'm also glad OW knows her place is NOT around you. Too bad she didn't *get it* that her place also was not around another woman's H!

I know what you're saying about XWH dressing up and acting different now. I'm hearing the same kind of things about the actions of xpos. They're both trying to show the world how wonderful and happy they are since they have shed the awful oppression of us. Now they can be themselves as they always were meant to be! Our kids can see what they really are and know the parent that is authentic.

(((Trying))). I know it hurts to send your children off to deal with that no matter the outcome.

tesla posted 11/1/2013 04:41 AM

He doesn't know how to have a true parental relationship with his kids, so anyting he does with them feels off. Doesn't take kids long to pick up on that, does it?

Out of curiosity, what did he come as? I envision Dopey Dwarf

Brave30 posted 11/1/2013 11:23 AM

I had my kiddos for trick or treat last night but politely offered an invitation to stbxwh, if he wanted to come over. We didn't spell out who gets the kids for Halloween. It was a minor holiday for us and to be honest, with the schedule we have, I get them for the next few years uninterrupted. So, I wasn't too worried about it.

Anyway, he declined my invite. No big deal. The sad part to me was that neither child even asked if their father was coming along for trick or treat. They didn't seem to notice his absence, though he has done it with them for the last 5 years running. He has bailed on so many things since OW entered the picture that it has become their new normal.

Kids are smart, they catch on fast.

Edit: Spelling

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suckstobeme posted 11/1/2013 12:38 PM

He really is such a tool. Honestly. It's like he forgot that you've known him and his habits for 30 years. Does he seriously think anyone buys that he really does love dressing up, but that you were too much of a controlling bitch to let him do it every year? I guess OWife is the only one stupid enough to think that.

My kids asked if their dad was gonna come by to see them. The first year he was gone, we agreed to split the night since trick or treating lasts for 2 hours in my town. (That was three years ago and he hasn't even asked about it since. I'm sure my neighborhood is like kryptonite to the OW so she isn't gonna let him walk around here for an hour if she can help it. ) I told them no, that I hadn't heard from him. They never blinked an eye about it after.

In fact, they are pretty wise to the fact that Halloween is on a Friday next year so they will be with him. My son looked pretty disappointed until I told him that I know of a few "beggars night" celebrations that go on the night before. I promised we would go to those so they get a Halloween with me no matter what.

Not only will I still get to be with them for a celebration, but dick face will get my leftovers.

sparkysable posted 11/1/2013 15:29 PM


sparkysable posted 11/1/2013 15:31 PM

Please tell me the costume was the big inflatable dick.

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