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The Power of Visualization (long)

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FaithFool posted 10/31/2013 23:28 PM

I work with a wonderful boss. She is a giver: work, family, community, to the max.

For the past four years she has been managing the eldercare for a (now) 99-year-old friend of the family.

This 99-year-old is now in final days, in hospice, a palliative care order is in place. She's refused food and drink since sometime last week.

She's been sleeping a lot but when awake her face contorted in pain, very combative and resistant to attempts to administer pain meds.

My friend/boss has been at her bedside with this woman's niece.

Yesterday my friend/boss started to talk to her about her imaginary 100th birthday party, setting the scene with the room, the candles the friends/family gathered, the cake etc.

The woman's face relaxed into a beautiful smile and she stopped breathing.

They thought it was the end.

They called in the nurse, a wonderful sweet man named Jack.

As he touched her, the elder opened her eyes and started commenting on how she liked his shirt. She started flirting with him.

Since then, the Dr. has said her heart and lungs have rebounded from the heart failure she was experiencing last week.

They have attached a "butterfly" device to administer pain meds so she can ease out slowly and on her own time.

With no food or drink (she refuses all), it's only a matter of time.

But holy cow, the story of the birthday party really drove it home, you can change physical reality by visualization.

Send mojo for my friend. She is also dealing with her own elderly sick parents and just postponed her much-needed Hawaiian vacation to be there for her friend.

She is stretched very thin.

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ajsmom posted 11/1/2013 10:51 AM

A great story, indeed.

Your boss is an angel.


lemony.2008 posted 11/1/2013 22:54 PM

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story, FaithFool!

Kindness and compassion goes a long way, especially to those who are facing the end of the life journey. What comfort your boss/friend has provided for the elderly woman! I'm sure she is a treasure among all she knows.

Sending prayers all round.

FaithFool posted 11/2/2013 16:44 PM

Yesterday she stopped breathing again and rebounded, again.

Everyone is hanging in and trying to stay positive.

I'm really hoping my boss doesn't get sick herself. She lost her voice and isn't sleeping much.

Thanks for sending prayers and positive energy.

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