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Sense of Security Back?

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Ashland13 posted 11/1/2013 19:08 PM

One of the things that was stolen from me during and after DDay is my sense of security.

Does anyone have ideas for ways to get this back?

Ow wanted so much from me, besides the man, she got that. But the parts of my life she wanted to take away and have given to her, how do I begin to fight back and flush her out of my life and system?

She showed up in my life by way of the XPervert and helped herself to pictures and other it's my kids and contact...or she's on my telephone in my own house after I had to get rid of call hang ups.

I have a sense of looking out the window all the time and wondering what she will try to destroy or take away next.

I have a desire to bolt, to move far, far away and take my children but I cannot and it boggles the mind the rights that people have and others don't or have to fight to exhaustion for.

I did not have life or children to give to Ow. Why can't she just take the man and go? Why can't he just cheat and leave the rest of my life and children's alone?

Thefly559 posted 11/1/2013 20:16 PM

I hear you ash. I am sorry I have no answers as to why? I wish I knew but I do feel the same as you , exactly the same ! She wanted to cheat, she wanted out and thinks the grass is greener so why doesn't she just leave with her new man ? And start her new life? Why destroy mine further?or anyone's? I am sorry

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