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It just never ends...

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surviving1963 posted 11/2/2013 22:43 PM

I thought I had been doing pretty good- growing stronger. Hadn't even cried for a while....until today.

Stupid Facebook again. I got a notification on my phone today - it was a picture of OW and "celebrate with #*@$^*D! today - it's her birthday". Apparently someone who is my "friend" posted that, and it came to me. I was instantly devastated all over again. You know how it goes....sudden stomach pain, tears etc, etc.

You see, OW is the "psychic" my husband started to see and fell in love with. He introduced her to his large family and many of them love, adore and worship her because of her great spiritual gift. I get to see how much my IL's love and praise her. There is no justice. A few of them are turned off by her "abilities". She charges money to have a session with her.

I immediately deleted my Facebook page. It is counter-productive for me to see all the OW worship on there. OW is the first to elevate herself to a higher level than everyone else...all the while destroying me and my kids.

Interestingly enough, my WH created my Facebook page a few years back. He told me he was going to post that I was leaving my husband and see how many men respond. HYPOCRITICAL BASTARD!!! I have never in 32 years of marriage said or done anything inappropriate with another man.

Does the WH ever feel the level of pain they have caused?! Will there ever be justice.

He wants to stay married to me, but continue his relationship with her. What a piece of trash

painfulpast posted 11/2/2013 23:18 PM

Oh, I'm sorry you saw that. Today is my OW's Bday too. Maybe we can have an 'anti BDay party' for people that don't ruin relationships.

A psychic huh? Cute. Mine says she's an 'actress'. Yep, an actress. Of course, she's a 40 year old working in a crappy restaurant in a strip mall in the poorest state in the country, but yeah, she's an actress alright.

FaceBook sucks. OW suck. Your H sucks for wanting to keep you and her.

Let's have a drink to it NOT being our birthdays!!

surviving1963 posted 11/2/2013 23:47 PM

Thank you painfulpast. I'll drink to that- and good riddance to WH and OW! They live in a false reality - an actress and a psychic - laughable!

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