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9 months since they had sex and I'm so scared.

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naivewife posted 11/3/2013 08:34 AM

November marks 9 months since WH and OW did their rutting ritual. 9 months. We all know what can happen 9 months after that. I'm absolutely terrified. The thought that this secret that could destroy my children and I, could be lurking out there somewhere is not doing good things to me. OW is gone. There is no way to see her. We're not even sure if she lives in the same house she lived as her plan was to move, and her house is for sale. (Well, her mother's house where she lived - at 37 years old.) Everytime I see we missed a call and the number is unfamiliar I feel like I'm going to die. OW wanted to get pregnant and even told WH that she would be happy even if he just inseminated her and she'd leave him alone if he decided to go back to his family. So this is why I'm so scared. If she did get pregnant there's a good possibility that she wouldn't tell him. Also she and her mother could lose their medical licenses if an OC showed up in the picture, so I could really see this happening and we'd never know - for years.
The only thing I can think would be possible is to try to contact her mother, which could accidentally result in contacting OW since they lived together last we knew. And there's a chance her mother wouldn't be honest. Is this worth hiring a private investigator? They're probably really expensive right? Is there some easier way, some kind of public records?
WH is a little scared too, but he says he feels reasonably confident because he swears they always used condoms and there was never a condom failure incident. He also says that shortly before d-day she claimed that she had her period (which he says was like dealing with a wild ferocious animal so it was quite apparent). So I'd have to "trust" what WH has to say, and what she was telling him. Not the most trustworthy people.

Kelany posted 11/3/2013 08:38 AM

You could search birth announcements under her name.

Why would she loose her medical license?

fourever posted 11/3/2013 22:06 PM

Agree. A PI would find out pretty quickly. Money well spent to put your mind to rest on this. ((Hugs)) I hope you do it.

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