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mentally exhausted vent

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PricklePatch posted 11/4/2013 15:43 PM

My dd was has a chronic illness. She was in severe pain sat. Drove two hours to childrens hospital. The stress of her being in extreme pain was daunting. Then admitting questions, problems at home my husband is a lieing cheater who used hookers and she knows. She listened at the door.
Yes ,she is in therapy, he'll the dog and cat are in therapy to.

It's like I can't get medical care for my 14 year old baby without his package coming into it. I have to say I have never been shy about his idiot moves till this. She is now home and instill in pain at a manageable level. I am wiped by it all and would like to take a baseball bat to him over her having this knowledge because of his actions.

Seriously dd pain was the focus, but I lost my ability to cope inside for a few hours after this. Of course I sucked it up so dd didn't know.

Honestly didn't say a word to him either no energy for it.

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Raven96 posted 11/4/2013 16:02 PM

I am so sorry. Do something good for you today or tonight. Get away for a bit and regroup.

Yes, it sucks that this is an issue over and over and over and over. When things affect our children it pushes us over the edge.


PricklePatch posted 11/4/2013 18:22 PM

So just told the my angry about his cheating triggering me during family problems portion of dd hospital admit. Dumb ass shrugs.

Truly posted 11/4/2013 19:53 PM

Hey PP,

I just wanted to say that I feel your anger and frustration. My 15yr old has a chronic pain condition and we have spent weeks in hospital...yes, arriving in the middle of the night...utterly exhausted and exhausting...
while my WH was out shagging one of his whores, so it later turns out...
The most gutting aspect is that my children knew before I did, for a LONG time.
So now we all know emotional pain exacerbates physical pain...thanks Dickwad, now we have to discuss your loose elastic pants in medical situations. Grrr

And all Mr PP can do is shrug? How very useful and comforting
I hope you all get some peaceful sleep, sending good thoughts your way and uber ((((((hugs))))))

MsRukia posted 11/4/2013 21:21 PM

(((PP))) having a kiddo with medical needs plus affair crap sucks.

Dreamland posted 11/4/2013 22:04 PM

I feel your pain too...our daughter went to the ED with cardiac problems and my SOB fWH was texting his whore.. That week when I was with our DD at the cardiologist he was with that bitch. Never called to find out how it went. Both my DD and I called him.. Crickets.. That night get a text saying he's going to a lecture and then saw a friend of ours.. And they were getting a snack. Fucking liar he was with his bitch having a romantic dinner afterwards. Then when I took her to pulmonary test done he was again nowhere to be found... Forgot DD birthday completely. Usually makes her a card... Nope nothing too preoccupied with his whore. I will never forgive him for that and neither will our DD. She's turning 18 this month.. She was turning 16 and her birthday is a huge trigger for me because I know that's when it all started and he put us on the back burner..
I can't say if it gets better.. But it's tolerable now.. But I defend my DD anything my H starts getting an attitude with her.. We were there for each other and while he was out whoring around..
Anyway sending HUGGSSS for your DD.

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PricklePatch posted 11/5/2013 05:49 AM

Thank you for your support. Dr went to bed and we had a knock down drag out. I asked him to tell me what he thought I said. He repeated, and I said did it you not hear me say this was to much for me. No he didn't, who knows. I walk him through my thought process, his thought process over the level of emotional duress we were both under. My wh is high functioning asbergers. Took about ten mins he finally got a clue, but not until I related it in many ways. He stood and went through again and again until he got it. I was wore out. I even read him some pieces of posts. Thank you all.

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