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venting here instead

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rachelc posted 11/5/2013 09:02 AM

email to hubby:

I hate the fact that i can't separate the new you from the you that abused me for 4 months. I hate this.
I hate that you compared a kid stealing from a store to what happened. That was an insulting deflection. If I can't talk about this sometimes this is going to be a long recovery. I'd like to "make an appointment" with you for Saturday or Sunday morning, if that works for you......

I hate all the f&cking accommodating I have to do - talk to me at a certain time but I'd rather not talk at all, allow me to work in (town where both OW work), yes, we still need to live here.
Eff that sh!t.

heforgotme posted 11/5/2013 12:01 PM

Good job doing it here. I did the opposite last night and now regret it.


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