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OT: Another affair forum triggered me bad.

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90Worthless90 posted 11/5/2013 13:39 PM

So, I was lurking around another infidelity forum and came across a section specifically made for the the other person in the affair. It was mostly made up of OW.

Man, the things I read there brought back all of my anger back for the OW and my partner. It feels like it just happened yesterday.

Many of them were completely unremorseful. Some even seemed to enjoy that they were hurting the BS and bragged about their affair. Some even implied that the BS deserved it somehow.

It makes me wonder if the OW in my partners affair felt like this and I think she probably did. And she, like the other women on that forum are getting off scott free while the BS has to take the brunt of the trauma.

If anyone wants to read here is a link. But I warn you if your wounds are fresh it will be very triggering.

***Please do not post links to other sites***

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Raven96 posted 11/5/2013 13:56 PM

You know, it really doesn't surprise me. I think some APs actually get off on stealing another person's spouse. I only hope that they fall in love someday with someone that promises them the world, and then one of the members of their former club rips the rug right out from under them. Maybe THEN they will understand.

I'm sorry it triggered you. Do something for yourself today!


Ostrich80 posted 11/5/2013 14:00 PM

I went to one of those sites pre SI. I got so damn mad I had to stay out of it. I was searching for some explanation, some reason why it happened. Yea those places will send you over the edge, especially when they insinuate they deserve ws more than bs. Idk, its just all kinds of crazy.

jjct posted 11/5/2013 14:08 PM

Probably be a good idea to edit that address out of your post - the great and terrible MHods have enough to do around here herding us cats - don't want no board wars.

Jrazz posted 11/5/2013 14:09 PM

We got it.

I used to drive myself NUTS going to these other sites. I wanted to peek inside the heads of OW and see WHY the would do this.

Nothing but heartache and trouble there. I feel better steering clear.

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Rebreather posted 11/5/2013 14:11 PM

don't want no board wars.

Great. And here I am with my pitchfork and torch. Now what am I gonna do?

SisterMilkshake posted 11/5/2013 14:18 PM

^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I really don't (and never did) give a fuck what the AP thought or felt. I don't care what its story is, why it felt it was okay to pursue and fuck my FWH. I don't have any need to understand these waywards thinking because it truly is not understandable.

What I do understand about most AP's is that they are fucked up and so anything they say, feel, or think is fucked up.

still-living posted 11/5/2013 14:30 PM

'Tis the crap they they weave to justify they are not bad people. Fact is, they were used.

painfulpast posted 11/5/2013 14:44 PM

What always scares the crap out of me on those types of boards is how many write about DDay, the relationship ending, and then 3 or 4 months later, MM writes them saying how much they miss the OW, and they start it right back up. The amount of false Rs seems so high.

I do always laugh when I read one where MM just ditched them. They’re soooo sad. Boo hoo. What did you think you were getting? And they will justify to the ends of the earth why MM isn’t leaving for them. Yeah, a King gives up his kingdom, but your MM can’t not have a garage.

So stupid!!

tushnurse posted 11/5/2013 14:48 PM

Yah, I don't think I could read that stuff.
Afterall how can you make sense out of nonsense.

Those people are sad and broken, and probably have so many FOO issues it would make your head spin.

Aww poor puddim's is sad cause her Married man went back to his wife, and kids. WTF? That is just messed up.

90Worthless90 posted 11/5/2013 14:56 PM

The amount of false recoveries I see also scares me.

What bothers me the most is when the WS actually leaves the BS for the OP. They actually encourage and congratulate the OP on them finally being happy together. Not giving a flying f*ck about the BS.

painfulpast posted 11/5/2013 15:39 PM

What bothers me the most is when the WS actually leaves the BS for the OP. They actually encourage and congratulate the OP on them finally being happy together. Not giving a flying f*ck about the BS.

Oh, I know. That is really disturbing. The callousness of these people is unreal. They congratulate and act like this person just hit the jackpot – not that they just got a cheater. And of course, it just happened, always.

I don’t know how they reconcile that occasionally one leaves the BS, even though they had all of the other things that the rest of them claim is why they ‘can’t leave’.

notquiteoverit posted 11/5/2013 15:40 PM

Maybe there are OW/OM out there who are remorseful. But, the ones that take pleasure from stealing someone else's man/woman are damaged people with very low self-esteem. Stealing gives them temporary power and takes away that self-hatred they usually deal with. Only, it is temporary and eventually gives way to more self-hatred. As for the others that just don't feel remorse, they are just living in a land of delusion. They have convinced themselves they are better than the BS because deep down they know they are scum and just can't face their own shit.

So, as infuriating as it is to read their crap, remember that these people are carrying a whole lot of baggage and brokenness, and that they have to live with themselves.

Ostrich80 posted 11/6/2013 08:30 AM

One of the other things that really got to me was the LTA's. Some of the ow had been involved for years, waiting for ws. They waited for babies to start school, then finish school, even waited thru college. The ws just keep telling them they are going to be together one day and they wait. It bothers me because I wonder if my ws ow is doing this, if ws has told her to wait and she's doing it. I used to tell myself he didn't have time to see ow very often and there's no way she would be satisfied with rare face to face time, but I saw that some ow only see the guy once a month for a c couple of hours, and they accept it. Just makes it more real for me I guess.

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