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The return of mind movies

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dindy posted 11/7/2013 02:22 AM

I've hit a major brick wall in my healing. This has been spurred on from discovering that my best friend is having an A and is completely callous in her actions.

I have even started dreaming about ex and OW and in the dream we are all Ina pub with other people and ex is being really nasty to me and rolling his eyes at me to OW.

I've never dreamt of either of them before.

I also keep picturing them in bed together doing things and it's really messing with my head. I think this is because this time last year ex didn't come home one night saying that he had missed his last train and couldn't afford the 20 taxi. I was so mad at him that night and demanded that he come home to his family but he wouldn't. What a pos.

It almost feels like DDay all over again.

It's been nearly 9.5 months since DDay and I was doing so well.

Is this normal and will I move on from this?

I hate ex so much for doing this to me and my children. I so want to tell him but I won't, I'm not going to give him any more power.

callmecrazy posted 11/7/2013 08:16 AM

You are very normal. I dont have any great advice, but I will assure you that lots of us have times where we feel like we relapse and go back to day one. Take care of yourself dindy.

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