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work husbands/wives part 2

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Bikingguy posted 11/7/2013 08:19 AM

I know there is already a thread about this topic. I read each response and as a BS was as most of you did not like the reference.

So last night I asked WW if she had heard the tear "office spouse". She said she had. OK heart beat increased a bit. I asked at your current job, she said no, how about the job you worked at with POS? "YES" Then I asked the question I pretty much already knew "Is this what they referred to you and POS?" and of course the answer was "YES"

Mother F er!

I have always stated that it is likely that others new of their A, since as I find out now they were inseparable. Well I think the fact that others were calling them office spouses make it clear that others at least suspected something was going on.

So this lead to another talk just to verify that we are both clear on boundaries going forward. I not saying she cannot have work friends, but no lunches alone with a man ever! No personal talk about spouses unless it is to say how amazing they are. Fortunately WW agrees with what we talked about. If only we were fully equipment on our Wedding day for this I really think everyone on that day should receive "Not Just Friends" as a required reading.

refuz2bavictim posted 11/7/2013 09:36 AM

Oh Wow! A new revelation and trigger in one.

On the bright side....At least you were able to talk about it and clarify those boundaries together.

Work relationships that have crossed the lines of professionalism into the personal arena, are nothing more than another poor justification for the "just friends" mantra. It's no different than crossing the line at any other place one might frequent....the bar, the Dr's office or the health club. Too much personal/intimate interaction, and emotional reliance on another person who is not your spouse is the same, regardless of location.

Pass posted 11/7/2013 10:59 AM

Yep, there are a couple people who work with the Princess. They're both married, but spend ALL their time together - but always claimed they were just friends.. We used to always laugh about how ridiculous this was.

The Princess sent me a text on Hallowe'en saying that these two were in matching costumes, and isn't that hilarious.

I don't find it funny anymore, and now feel badly for ever finding it so. This is inappropriate behaviour, and shows a lack of boundaries.

Ostrich80 posted 11/7/2013 11:22 AM

As I sit here reading this and thinking back to jobs in the past, I remember R's like this, just didnt have a name for it I guess.
Actually I could go back to high school with 2 teachers that were both M. Every day they had lunch together that the female teacher packed, in her classroom not the teachers lounge. Wow, I bet they were having an A.

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