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What was my kid thinking?

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HFSSC posted 11/7/2013 20:42 PM

My favorite radio station often has the hosts ask a question and invite people to call in or post the answer on fb. One question sticks out and I thought it would make a fun thread.

What was the thing your kid did that made you scratch your head and ask (or think), "What was s/he THINKING???"

I'll start.

DS15 (who I was bragging about in OT earlier) is not an adventurous eater at all. He's picky. One evening JM grilled chicken wings and they were awesome. I was really proud of ds because he ate all of his supper. Or so I thought. Let me add, here that he was about 11. Not a toddler.

Next morning, I had to use the kids' bathroom because JM was in ours. As I opened the lid to the toilet, I realized there was something gross in the bottom of the toilet. I flushed quickly and sat down and did my thing. A couple of hours later, ds came out of the bathroom and said, "Well, for SOME reason, my toilet won't flush." I flashed back to earlier and asked him, "Did you flush something you shouldn't have?"

His head dropped. "I didn't like the chicken wing, Mama."

WTF? "So you tried to flush it down the toilet??? A WHOLE CHICKEN WING?" He nodded.

So I got some gloves, made him put them on and told him to get it out of the toilet. He was horrified. "Mama, there's poop in that water!"

I said, "Yep. I know that. What makes you think I want to put MY hand in there?"

He grumbled and cried and threatened to call "the authorities" and report me for child abuse. I told him I'd gladly dial the phone, just for the entertainment value it would bring. I ended up having to straighten out a clothes hanger and fish the stupid thing out and then I made him take it out into the woods.

Kid was ALWAYS flushing stuff down the toilet. Once, before we built our house, the boys' toilet in our trailer kept overflowing and flushing really slowly. I got a plumber's tool and pulled out a matchbox car, a baby spoon, a toothbrush and about a hundred feet of dental floss.

Okay, what did YOUR kid do to make you scratch your head?

Waiting4Daylite posted 11/7/2013 21:04 PM

We (3 of us) live in a two bedroom, 824 sq. ft. apartment. We have one cat and one small dog. My youngest daughter was at a friends house and called about their dog, she needed a home. We said NO WAY. She begged and begged. NO WAY. It is hard enough with the two animals we have already.

So when DD came home the next day, she brought the dog with her!!!!! Yep, she got an ear full. Her response was that she'll keep it in her room and take care of it. Um, the dog and cat we already have are "hers" and who do you think takes care of them?! ME!!!

Now folks, this wasn't an apartment dog, she was half American Bull Terrier and English Bull Dog. She was a sweetie but too big for a lap dog. Plus she had cherry eye and we couldn't afford the medical. So DD finds a friend who would take the dog the next day. Good, the boy loves the dog but we found out that the dog had more problems than the cherry eye. Hundreds of dollars worth!!

After the dog was gone and we learned of her problems (the boy still has her and his family can afford the medical care) I asked my DD what the hell were you thinking? Her response: "But mom they couldn't keep her and she needed a home." I looked at DD and asked: "How did you expect us to afford her?" She gave me that "I don't know" look. Kids

nowiknow23 posted 11/7/2013 21:11 PM

How about setting up a make-shift slip-and-slide in my side yard and inviting his high school football teammates over to try it out? While my house was on the market, no less? They not only destroyed the grass, ripping out big chunks of the turf, they KEPT GOING even after they were down to bare dirt, making a massive mud pit and splashing muddy water all over the side of the neighbor's house.

His consequence was to apologize to the neighbor, and then re-sod both my side yard and the neighbor's out of his own pocket and with his friends' help.

They bought me dinner afterward as an apology.

My second entry would be mistaking a hog confine runoff area for a rain puddle.

ISPIFFD posted 11/8/2013 08:49 AM

Well, the most expensive was when DS called and alerted me that he owed $600 to get his car out of the tow lot... I asked him WhyTF it had been in there for three days and he calmly replied that he couldn't afford the $200 for the first night so he just left it there.

Then there was the time he left his car parked out in the street with his bag of marijuana lying on the top of the dashboard for all to see.

Or the time he thought it would be great to spray paint graffitti on the outside of the Army Recruiting Office because he was going through his anti-military phase

Sometimes I marvel that he ever made it into college. But he did, and that opened up a whole new range of things he could get into trouble doing...

ajsmom posted 11/8/2013 11:22 AM

That would have to be the time AJ used a curtain rod to kill a fly.

On a window pane.



nowiknow23 posted 11/8/2013 11:45 AM

tushnurse posted 11/8/2013 12:16 PM

Um the first one that I thought of was when DD was about 3, and we were running around getting ready to head to Gma's for Xmas dinner, and so forth, all dressed up, hair fixed beautifully, my son came downstairs and said DD had cut her hair. I called her down, and couldn't visibly see what she had cut, I sent son to go get the hair she had cut off, he brought down what looked to be a gob of hair about the size of guniea pig. (DD has tons of hair) So I take her hair out of its bown, and find a giant chunk gone, from the underside. She ended up with a swing bob haircut for christmas.

wifehad5 posted 11/8/2013 15:50 PM

Mine is current. Dd is a huge reader. She reads 1-2 hours a night minimum plus reading during the day. Her current English grade is a D+. Why you ask? She never turns in her reading logs

metamorphisis posted 11/8/2013 19:24 PM

Let's see. When dd 16 was 3 we went to visit a friend of mine. She was happily playing with her barbies so I didn't notice when she went quiet. She had grabbed the butter dish and buttered his cat from head to toe.

When ds was 3 we moved into this house. The toilet wouldn't flush so I called the builder after plunging it. I was sure it must have been the install as it had only been in a few days. He brought over a plumber. And they fished out most of a green apple with a bite out of it.
Ds 3 obviously remembered how it got there when they pulled it out because the second he saw it he ran like he was on fire .. right out the front door

HFSSC posted 11/8/2013 19:41 PM

Meta I'm glad to know someone else here had a "flusher". I swear, the things my kid flushed down the toilet... or tried to.

Kajem posted 11/8/2013 21:48 PM

My DDs were 2 and we had just moved into our new house. We were not in the house 5 days when I notice they are in the bathroom flushing the toilet, over and over again. They were flushing their new bathing suits down the toilet. I asked why? "We wanted to see them swim"

I had the plumber out every Friday for 3 weeks. Did you know that the top of a thermos is the exact size in diameter of the toilet drain? The plumber didn't either-till he took the toilet out of the floor! 4 pairs of toddler jeans can fit in the trap of a toilet. Stuffed animals do not do well with a drain snake.

That was the older 2.i had 2 more kids....

Waiting4Daylite posted 11/8/2013 21:54 PM

Dang! I missed out on all the toilet flushers. My kids hated to go in the bathroom alone!

better4me posted 11/9/2013 13:30 PM

and then there was the time one winter when DS (then age 16) tried to drive his car on a gravel road that hadn't been plowed. The night of the snowstorm. With 2 feet of snow on the ground and more falling. Then, after abandoning the car, he accidentally dropped the car keys into a snowbank. The only set of keys for that car. He came home, we went to look at the damage and low and behold this eagle eyed, flashlight carrying Mama found the keys. His consequence was to pay for the towing...

He still has many what are you thinking moments and several of them have something to do with automobiles...I swear all the gray hairs on my head are from him.

[This message edited by better4me at 1:31 PM, November 9th (Saturday)]

worried_lady posted 11/9/2013 14:05 PM

There was this one time my then 16 yr old DS decided to have a party at my home when I was gone and had made arrangements for him to be taken care of. It is a great idea to use my crystal wine glasses to drink beer out of!! Except when you break one. No problem, just move all the glasses forward on the shelf in the cabinet and I won't notice a glass missing. Oh but forget about sweeping all the glass up off of the front porch. The pattern was very easy to recognize. Glad he had a party with some class to it, no sense in drinking beer from a can. Heck no use my crystal!!

Williesmom posted 11/11/2013 10:38 AM

My 17 yo nephew was allowed to be home alone for a week while my brother went on vacation.

Someone posted a pic to facebook of my nephew jumping from the roof of the house into their swimming pool. My nephew was immediately screamed at from my brother's vacation spot for that one.

I love that kid.

tushnurse posted 11/12/2013 14:15 PM

Ah yes strange things down the toilet....
My DS now 16 sent a matchbox car or two down. The best was when he flushed a clear plastic cover to a night light. This thing worked like a flutter valve, the toilet would back up, and then slowly drain. I'd plunge and things would eventually go down. I started messing it with it, and I could actually hear it clinking in the turn of the drain. Because it was clear plastic it was damn near impossible to see. I finally fished it out with a coat hanger.

Why did you flush that? I dunno.

He also had a bad habit of writing his name on everything once he could write. HE wrote his name on the wall in his sisters room. Did you do this? He says no sister did (she was 18 months old). WOW!!!

bluelady posted 11/13/2013 18:21 PM

I don't have kids, but I do have a story about my brother. He was about 12 or 13 when he decided to spray Pledge on the hardwood floor of our front foyer so he could slide in his sock feet between our livingroom and family room. I actually remember trying it a couple of times. It was fun. Until...

my dad came around the corner, in his sock feet, completely unawares. The next thing you know, my dad's feet come out from under him and down he goes. Let's just say that when a 6'3, 250 lb man falls, he falls hard.

TrulyReconciled posted 11/14/2013 10:36 AM

They not only destroyed the grass, ripping out big chunks of the turf, they KEPT GOING even after they were down to bare dirt ...

Isn't that punishable by death at CasaNIK??

TrulyReconciled posted 11/14/2013 10:37 AM

That would have to be the time AJ used a curtain rod to kill a fly.

It wasn't full of shr .... oh, caught myself!! I KNOW better ...

ajsmom posted 11/15/2013 15:55 PM

@ TR.


Would hate to see you get banned and stuff.

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