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tomorrow's my birthday....

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tara1110 posted 11/9/2013 17:44 PM

It's just a horrible feeling that after dday, there's so many occasions lined up that I would be spending without my husband. Let's start with his bday on 9/7; my son's bday on 11/1 and now my bday (tomorrow)... And then thanksgiving, Christmas, New year...

I know healing takes time... I know I have to feel the hole and grieve over it... I have to move on... Easy to say but so hard to do...

Why am I crying again? I haven't cried in weeks but now I'm feeling hurt and sad and weak and just horrible....

Just venting but thanks for listening....

Please lift me up

Chippednotbroken posted 11/9/2013 17:47 PM

Happy Birthday. It will be ok. Maybe even amazing because you don't need to worry about him. You aren't alone there is a whole world waiting to celebrate.

somanyyears posted 11/9/2013 17:55 PM


..try to live just one day at a time and do one thing just for you!

..take a nice long bath, make a special dinner for yourself, buy that outrageous cake at the bakery and put your B-day candles on it..

..invite a good friend over and crack open that bottle of wine you've been saving..

..a long overdue manicure/hair-do/ spa day..

just be extra good to yourself.. spend some quality time with your son at a special place that you know he likes..

..the other special days will still arrive and you can find a way to be kind to yourself on them as well.. take it slow and easy.

..I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow.

..hope the sun comes out for you and let it warm your soul and heart.


sailorgirl posted 11/9/2013 20:47 PM


It is terribly sad and it totally sucks to face these special days.

Remember, if you were to stay with your WH, there would be even more sad occasions: new d-days. He is a cheater and he lacks the character and remorse to change. It's only a matter of time before he cheats on his OW because he lacks good boundaries and solid morals.

Plan something special for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Start a new tradition with your son, get together with relatives, find a new dog friendly park to take your furbabies, get tickets to a show or a game . . . make sure you have things to look forward to.

Are you in IC? Even just a few visits was really helpful for me.

You are not weak. You are dealing valiantly with betrayal--one of the hardest things a person can face. Keep going. Hug your son who is so lucky to have you for a mom. Someday, you will be happy and thriving. You will find a man who knows how to be faithful and is worthy of you.

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Elaine2012 posted 11/10/2013 08:37 AM

Happy Birthday to you

Sending a birthday (((tara1110))) to you!!

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