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Want my D file copies

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dreamlife posted 11/9/2013 20:18 PM

How many have asked for copies of D case file?

Am I being weird or unreasonable?

That time we were all supposed to show up for court in order to have my support re-started & WH and his L never appeared...last moment via phone proceeding thing which pissed off the L was examining WH's financial docs, etc.
I want copies of that.

Am I entitled to them?

Anyone know?

Anyone feel the same way after being kept in the dark (after a decade of M)?

Later posted 11/9/2013 20:43 PM

Just call your lawyer and ask for them. Unless there is some type of protective order on particular documents you should be entitled to get them.

You may want to assure your attorney that you just want them for your own benefit, because most of the time when a client asks his/her attorney for the file it means they are about to fire the attorney.

BTW, the pleadings are available a the clerk's office, but probably do not include the supporting documents for the financial disclosures.

somanyyears posted 11/9/2013 20:46 PM


..I would think your lawyer should be "demanding' full disclosure of all documents pertaining to your D, including all financial declarations made by him.

..your lawyer should be fighting for you..that's what you're paying him for!!!

..hope you get what you need from him..


..tried to put a smile imoticon at the end but it just won't go where i put it!

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dreamlife posted 11/9/2013 21:03 PM

Well, this is a relief to know.
(Because when I asked her para-legal about it, I got that deer in the headlights stare).

I needed a pitbull but got a lamb, albeit the ONLY honest lamb out of over 8 L I interviewed over the years.

no, L thought it best to let him think he got away w/ hiding our $$$...I wanted her to ream him but good!

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