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NB - F*cking suck ......

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Jen posted 11/10/2013 10:57 AM

And I'm pissed I have to have one, or try to have one, or what the fuck ever.

I'm exhausted.

I am working the equivalent to 2 full time jobs. My LPN M-F which is over 10+hrs a day, and a part time stint at Pizza Hut, which is suppose to be 20-25 hrs. Well we all know in that type of industry it does not happen. Whatever, I knew what expect going in, so I'm not surprised.

Just strange how and when you notice your alone, and miss having someone to come home to.

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nowiknow23 posted 11/10/2013 11:12 AM


courageous posted 11/10/2013 11:54 AM

(((Booger bear)))

inconnu posted 11/10/2013 11:57 AM

aw sweetie, I'm sorry life is sucking so much right now. I know it's hard to see it while you're in the middle of it, but really, you are so strong. You're doing what needs to be done, even though it sucks. You are rebuilding your life, and you're doing a great job. It's just taking more fucking time than it was supposed to.

I get it. I'm not where I thought I'd be financially at this point either. And it does suck. But I will get there. And so will you. Because you rock, bb. You are so much stronger than you believe. Look back and see how far you have come. What you have overcome, and what you have accomplished. Be proud of that. You may not be where you thought you'd be by now, but you truly have come so far.

FaithFool posted 11/10/2013 12:21 PM

(((booger bear)))

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BrokenDaisy posted 11/10/2013 13:04 PM


It is not easy, that's for sure. Hang in there! You're one awesome humanbeing for doing so much. I totally acknowledge your feelings of it sucking though. I hope you get a break soon.!

Jen posted 11/10/2013 13:05 PM

Thank you all. I appreciate the hugs and support.

I'm just so tired of feeling like I'm going up hill for nothing. Getting my $$$ life in order seems so small and insignificant compared to my heart.

I know how that sounds, I never thought of myself as the type of girl that her needed her worth noticed and acknowledged by a man. But may be I am. It sure would be nice to come home after working all day and night to someone to love me.

Whatever. I'm just pissed and just pissed ...... Just all feels for nothing. Who cares when I'm gone if I was $$$ ok in my life ???

blah ... I'm gonna go walk and blast some inappropriate tunes, make people wonder about the girl in the pink sweatshirt. Fuck em.

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Williesmom posted 11/10/2013 13:29 PM


Jrazz posted 11/10/2013 13:46 PM

(((Booger bear)))

TrustedHer posted 11/10/2013 15:15 PM


This won't last forever. Rough patches end. You'll be able to make changes down the line, just not as quickly as you'd like.

I hope you have people you can talk to, like good friends or a counselor.

She11ybeanz posted 11/11/2013 08:17 AM

I'm right there with you sweetie. If someone had told me 4 years ago....I would be a single mom of a 15 month old and renting a duplex, living alone and single for a year and a half.....I would have thought they were crazy! And, I am! Life is not what I thought it would be at this point. I struggle CONSTANTLY with money and am always worried about bills. Life does kinda suck right now....but I'm trying to make the most of it! Hang in there sweetie! You are doing great! And, you kinda get used to the loneliness....its not easy....but it gets easier to cope with. ((BIGHUGZ))

hexed posted 11/11/2013 13:51 PM


Tired makes it all seem so much work. You've come so far since you first joined. I know you'll get through this. I always want someone around more when I'm tired.

want a new life posted 11/11/2013 15:04 PM

I just wanted you to know you've been heard and you're not alone. I'm there with you except I have the opposite problem that my hours have been cut at my job and in my area there are few part-time jobs. So I end up with no money and too much alone time. Sucks the big one!!

My life used to be "not enough hours in the day" to now " too much freakin" time on my han ds".

(((booger bear)))

Jen posted 11/11/2013 21:47 PM

Ya knoww we need to write a how to manual on NB's ... There are how to's on everything else ...

Or NB's for Dummies book ... We would make a fortune and SI could go on forever off the money. I don't want a sappy book full of heart felt quotes and such, real life NB's stuff. Like, this morning in my self induced funk, instead of my body spray I used my hairspray, needless to say my bra did not move at all today. Real life shit like that, how to not be in such a funk that you can read.

IDK ... It was a better day.

jo2love posted 11/12/2013 22:18 PM

(((Booger Bear)))

calgon54 posted 11/13/2013 17:28 PM

((Booger Bear))

better4me posted 11/13/2013 18:25 PM


SweetheartVixen posted 11/13/2013 21:03 PM


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