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I think Hello Kitty was just in my driveway

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newlysingle posted 11/10/2013 15:39 PM

So the Gnat said he was offered tickets to a football game today by a co-worker. It is his weekend with the kids, so he asked if he could drop DS off early and take DD to the game. I said that was fine as I'm sure that would be fun for her. She doesn't have school tomorrow, so I offered to let him take her overnight again.

The funny thing is that the Gnat HATES sports, but the home wrecking whore loves football. So he showed up to drop off DS this afternoon in her Boss Hogmobile. She is from Texas and has bull horns on the back of her car.

I had a feeling she'd be in the car (she has never shown up here before) as that whore wouldn't miss a football game. I didn't look hard to see if she was in the car, but I'm sure she was. I made the Gnat come all the way to the front door with DS. Normally, I would have gone out to say hi to DD.

Ugh, I hate that the bitch was probably in the driveway. I think I'll tell him to park in the street next time.

FirstLoveGone posted 11/10/2013 16:00 PM

On occassion, XH brings wifetress and the rest of the Brady bunch when picking up DD. I used to think that it was because they were going somewhere after picking up DD. But more often than not they go straight home, according to DD.

I guess they need to parade around in front of me that they are one big happy family. Pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. It just shows how pathetic they are.

The first couple of times he brought wifetress I contemplated telling him to park on the street. But now I know that would give them too much power. I just ignore it. Never let them see you sweat!

newlysingle posted 11/10/2013 16:11 PM


You're right. I don't want to give her any power and let her know it bothered me. I will just ignore it.

Whalers11 posted 11/10/2013 16:33 PM

I agree that the best thing you could do is act like she is invisible if she comes again.

k94ever posted 11/10/2013 18:48 PM

How about sanitizing your driveway? Driveway bleach?????


RavenWood posted 11/10/2013 20:24 PM

Just put up signs in your yard / driveway warning "No Whores Allowed".

tesla posted 11/10/2013 20:41 PM

Ex-shat *always* has stripper-whore in tow when he picks up Teslet...sometimes she's the one doing the pick-up.

Don't let it phase you...they have to show us how sparkly their lives are. I sometimes think it would be wonderful fun to have a random guy a know ride along with me to pick up Teslet. I have a little laugh at the thought of ex-shat getting all indignant over it.

Driveway bleach and a "no whores allowed" sign also sound like fun to me!

tryingagain74 posted 11/10/2013 20:46 PM

*snort* "her Boss Hogmobile"

Man, you can't make this stuff up. She certainly sounds like the stuff of every straight man's erotic fantasy.

Yeah, they have to do their pathetic posturing. Owife did that for the first time this past summer when the kids came back from vacation. I was upset and shaken by it, but now I honestly don't care. I think she might have been in the driveway tonight, but it was really nice that I didn't give a rat's behind.

You'll get there. She's so beneath you and not worth one second of your thoughts that you'll eventually ever wonder why you cared.

newlysingle posted 11/10/2013 20:56 PM

Thank you, everyone. I love this site for always keeping it real for me. I know how unsparkly their lives are, so I just have to keep that in mind.

I'm thinking that us SIers need to go into business together and create whore bleach. We could even have a version with a bug repellent added for the Gnat. I'm thinking it will take the maximum strength version for these two. I love the no whores allowed sign too.

[This message edited by newlysingle at 8:57 PM, November 10th (Sunday)]

tesla posted 11/10/2013 21:06 PM


By the way, nearly spit my wine when I read that.

I think stripper-whore should be the poster child advertising whore bleach. Oh god, the next time I see her, I'll be picturing her face on the bottle!
end t/j

newlysingle posted 11/10/2013 23:36 PM

Doesn't Stripperwhore use whore bleach in her hair?

courageous posted 11/11/2013 07:20 AM

Doesn't Stripperwhore use whore bleach in her hair?

[This message edited by courageous at 7:22 AM, November 11th (Monday)]

tesla posted 11/11/2013 16:28 PM

Doesn't stripper whore use whore bleach in her hair?

Yep, it's practically white. If she has any hair left by the time she's my age (35...she's 22), I'll be impressed.

Apologies for the continued t/j.

newlysingle posted 11/11/2013 16:55 PM

Feel free to t/j anytime! I love your stripperwhore stories!

StillLivin posted 11/12/2013 13:39 PM

Ummm, shame you couldn't run her over and claim night blindness!

Lost15 posted 11/12/2013 13:50 PM

STBXH doesn't watch sports either but all of a sudden he loves it. They go to sports bars and watch the games. He could have cared less about the game when we were together, even when DS is a sports fanatic.
I love the No Whores Allowed sign and the bleach.

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