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Year 1 of DDay coming up

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Taurus517 posted 11/12/2013 14:43 PM

I have a question. 1 year of DDay is coming up so how did your BS and yourself as a WS responded or acted on that 1 year? I know it's probably not going to be easy for my BW, I would like some insight on how to make it easier for her. I know the basics but there has to be more than just comforting and being by her side. There has to be more I can do, anything because I fucked up what could have been the best thing to happen in my life. I just want to make it right again.

Lucky posted 11/12/2013 15:20 PM

As the BS here's what I did for the week of d-day, I made it about me! Mr Lucky would rather have ignored the whole painful thing but I needed new memories.

To keep it short I'll just tell you about d-day:
First we went to another town away from EA town & had a long refreshing bike ride, we then went to a perfume bar and had "me" made. Finally, in the evening we went to dinner where they both worked (not easy but my choice), we ended up with a table in the direct line of vision of the OW. Employees stopped by as we charmed, smiled, laughed, held hands, cuddled, shared bites, kissed & literally eye-fucked each other it drove OW crazy!! She got madder and madder as the night DRUG on, my choice. It wasn't super comfortable for Mr Lucky, but like I said, it was about me !!
The next anti-versary I could look back at the day with a smile and a few giggles instead of the horror of the actual day.

I suggest talking a out it with your BS, ask her what she'd like and maybe offer some suggestions?

LA44 posted 11/12/2013 15:50 PM

I will be watching this as D-day (also H's bday) is coming up. I really liked your approach Lucky!

But yeah. I would think acknowledging it ahead of time and asking your wife if you could spend the day with her (or even meet for lunch) would show her you are being pro-active and really want to do right. And maybe she won't want to do anything with you. If that is the case may I suggest a gift card to a spa. Write her a letter letting her know what an incredible woman she is. How you are thankful her to be in your life.

Hey. As the BS, I know lunch, spa, shopping sound frivilous but compared to the hell from the year before...I would take that. The letter trumps all for me tho.

Newme123 posted 11/13/2013 07:22 AM

BS here
I also recommend the letter. D day antiversary for me brought up all the emotions from that day and the day before. What I mean is I remembered my life before dday and after dday. And it made me made that he had destroyed everything. So if she is R with you, do what you can to make that day easier for her to get through. Let her know she is making the right choice. The letter is great. Also a cknowledging how hard this day is and apologize for it. If she likes to exercise, make sure she does that day. It will help with the anger. Don't insult her or anything but watch the kids, etc. for me I didn't need any elaborate gifts or day at the spa. I just wanted him to "get it". Get how hard the day was.

Neznayou posted 11/13/2013 09:15 AM

I feel like the week leading up to DDay were actually a little rougher than the day itself.

NewCompass posted 11/15/2013 19:49 PM

Don't give up on talking! I am exactly where you are at this exact moment so we both have a lot in common. I can help ! I have had professional counseling and believe me.... it has helped. Many of which have been my priest, friends, Retrovaille, and most importantly, my incredibly supportive wife.

This is only my second post but I have been through a year of hell and can now see the end of the gloom. Things will get better for you if you stay focused.

Best of luck! Bump me if you need.

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