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Fear of intimacy

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mrhurt314 posted 11/13/2013 01:38 AM

In IC this week I told my C, in short, that I wanted to figure out why and how I could have an A. This turned into the beginning of a discussion about our entire marriage and how much I didn't connect through intimacy to my wife. More specifically, I seemed to actively avoid it at times. I would avoid her by sleeping on the couch many nights, falling asleep to tv or movies. This started right after we got married. And it continued, off and on, for a very long time. It wasn't a pattern observable while we were dating, but after the vows it happened a lot. I know that there were periods that I didn't do it, but it always seemed to become a safe place of avoidance. We didn't get into it too much yet, but it was a little worrisome to dig into that.

Has anyone else had similar patterns or issues prior to their A?

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