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Re-writing the marriage

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Trying33 posted 11/13/2013 05:24 AM

It has occurred to me lately that the whole concept of re-writing the marriage is a very true one and has been for me. This could also be the same as being negative and having a bad attitude towards the marriage, which is how my H puts it.

I think a large part of the re-writing is to justify my actions and I believe this has all been happening at a subconscious level. I was not even aware that this is what I may have been doing, but I am aware that when I looked back at my marriage, ONLY, negative things were coming to mind.

My H would try to point out the good stuff but I would counteract it with the things that have hurt me. He would follow with "it's just because you're in a negative frame of mind right now". I'm glad to say, this is slowly lifting and I have been recalling some fond memories of when I've been happy with my life. I've been sharing these with my H and it's been a nice way to make him smile.

My H is super patient and still doesn't talk much about his feelings, but today I'm feeling hopeful that things may change in the future, especially if I continue with my positive thinking, which I know my H needs right now.

authenticnow posted 11/13/2013 05:33 AM


Great insight! I did the same thing.

It's amazing what a change of perspective can do. Good for you for being self aware and making positive changes!


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