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Is this too harsh?

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anv5 posted 11/14/2013 11:35 AM

I'm sending this to h
I want to help but not be mean...

I have been trying to let you work through your "stuff" without too much intervention. I have noticed things do seem to click a lot more/better than previously & I appreciate that.
I am bringing this up because it REALLY bothered/upset me.

1. You never answered *** about his party (and you tend to not answer him often)
2. You mentioned not going because ***** misses ds's parties
3. You don't want to go because it's not who you are & it is uncomfortable etc

1. You have mentioned how *** idolizes you to an extent
2. You talk shit about *****, why would you want to use him as an excuse to lower yourself
3. You not only looked at nasty craigslist ads you answered them with telling them you wanted to do things to them that you don't/didn't even do with me (some of which was disgusting & I wouldn't want to do...). You offered to pay them & buy them things. You sent & asked for nasty ass pictures of stupid 8&%^. You called & sexted with nasty %^&*$ & answered their texts. You called them sexy & told them their pussies & breasts were beautiful when those were things you were not telling your own wife yet that's the only woman you should have said them to.

Maybe it is time to re-evaluate who you are & what makes you uncomfortable...
Family things (esp for someone who looks up to you) is uncomfortable & out of your element yet what you did 5 years ago & 8 months ago wasn't uncofortable & out of your element???

This is the thinking that terrifies me

I love you <3

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